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Monday.com Training: Make Process Management Your Superpower

Process management, also known as business process management (BPM), is a methodology that allows business owners and managers to analyze existing processes to identify those with problems and optimize the rest. This may require tweaking current processes or implementing new, more effective ones. The ultimate goal is to increase productivity, manage risk more effectively, and streamline the entire business. Effectively managing your business processes allows your company to build on past successes while continuously moving forward.

Many people confuse the terms process management and project management, but they do refer to completely different beasts. The first is a management style that leads to future growth and continuous improvement. The latter is only relevant to the individual project(s) currently being worked on.

Project management refers to the management of a specific project with a clear-cut goal. It includes everything from the idea to completion, and in most cases, it will follow the project management style set by the company as a whole.

However, projects have a clear beginning and ending. Process management is an ongoing approach to continuously improve every aspect of the company and includes ever-evolving goals.

Effective process management creates a workplace environment that fosters innovation and teamwork. When properly implemented, it gets everyone from the summer intern to the C-suite managers moving in the same direction with a common set of goals: the future success of the company, the team and the individual. Monday.com training that includes process-focused methodology can help you to achieve these goals.

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