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Your business thrives when you can focus on your customers and users, providing the products and services that meet their needs. When you do that, you attract new customers, and your organization grows. A customer relationship management system (CRM)...
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You need a CRM

Why Every Business Needs a CRM

Your business thrives when you can focus on your customers and users, providing the products and services that meet their needs. When you do that, you...
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collaboration amd communication

The Impact Series, Part 4: Team Collaboration & Communication

How to Foster Team Collaboration and Break Down Communication Barriers. In this post, our final part of the Impact Series, we consider how ...
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Accountability and Engagement Impact

The Impact Series, Part 3: Accountability & Employee Engagement

Accountability and Employee Engagement: Transparency is Important. The third part of our Impact Series focuses on employee accountability a...
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The Impact Series, Part 2: Productivity

How Can You Increase Productivity Across Your Organization? In the second part of our Impact series, we address something even the most wel...
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The Impact Series, Part 1: Resource Management

How to Effectively Manage Resources and Deal With Challenges. In our special Impact Series, we dig deep into four fundamental ways that the...
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Pro-vs-Enterprise Pro vs. Enterprise Plan: Which Is Right for You?

Who Is For? is for anyone and everyone in need of more order in their professional lives. Whether you’re looking for a solution ...
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Tips For Users: The Art of Automating Boring Tasks

Responding to emails, assigning tasks, sending out notifications . . . these are just some of the manual duties you are stuck with daily. Yes, they're...
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An Introduction to Reporting & What You Can Do reporting is all about planning, tracking, and delivering the best teamwork. It allows you to use the platform in the most convenient way t...
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How to Find Premium Partners for Your Business

Workflow platforms have become a crucial part of many industries, and is one of the best. The platform offers the most flexible and powerfu...
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process-automation-cropped Training: Make Process Management Your Superpower

Process management, also known as business process management (BPM), is a methodology that allows business owners and managers to analyze existing pro...
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Automation-Recipes-Cropped Automation Recipes: 7 Ways to Unleash Its Full Potential

You have enough on your plate — there are aspects of your job only you can do. So why waste time with mindless busy work? Why fight to maintain the st...
  13025 Hits with MS Teams Integration & MS Teams Integration: Collaboration Just Got Easier

Effective communication and collaboration are absolutely crucial for team success in the workplace. When people at work are able to freely share their...
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How to Use the App: Secrets From the Experts

More than 125,000 teams across all industries use the platform as their trusted work operating system (Work OS). Companies like Hulu, Wix, ...
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The Software Playbook: Start Here

If you’re considering adopting the software to manage your company’s workflows, you’re in good company. More than 145,000 companies use thi...
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Use Your Trial Like A Pro: A 14-Day Action Plan

Many companies are adopting process management software to stay on top of their day-to-day tasks. With features built to help run and scale workflows ...
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When to Hire A Expert: Overcome Sunk Cost Bias

Have you ever gone to a movie and hated it from the very beginning, but stayed until the end anyway? Or gotten a bad meal at a restaurant and eaten it...
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Monday Consulting 101: How to Find & Hire the Right Fit

Managing a business can sometimes feel quite daunting. If you're in charge of teams and multiple projects, you need to get all the moving parts to wor...
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