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Authorized HikaShop DevelopersPolished Geek is proud to be an Approved HikaShop Partner, recommended by Nicolas, the lead developer of HikaShop.


If you have (or want) a HikaShop store and need web development services and support, we can help!


Here are just some of the HikaShop web development services we've done since HikaShop was released:

  • Certified AvaTax HikaShop and HikaMarket Connector for automated tax calculation using the leading eCommerce tax automation solution by Avalara
  • Fully custom product configuration solutions, allowing the creation and sale of highly personalized, custom products through HikaShop or HikaMarket
  • HikaShop DHD Media payment plugin for offline credit card processing
  • HikaShop Bluefin payment plugin for inline credit card processing
  • HikaShop USAePay payment plugin
  • Custom HikaShop Delivery management shipping plugin (similar to our original AJAX Delivery module for VirtueMart 2)
  • HikaShop currency display customizations
  • HikaShop integration with Bitcoin
  • HikaShop plugin that changes the shopper view and delivery options based on the shopper's postal code (enable or disable Add-to-Cart button and other features based on code entered in search
  • And many other HikaShop, HikaMarket and HikaSerial custom solutions


In addition to custom web development and extensions, we also offer HikaShop eCommerce troubleshooting and maintenance services for your existing site. 

Need HikaShop help, and want to work with the Joomla!® eCommerce experts?

HikaShop Bluefin Payment Plugin

HikaShop Bluefin Payment Plugin Add offsite credit card processing to your Joomla eCommerce store. Of course it's 100% open source, so you can modify as needed.

HikaShop USAePay Payment Plugin

Hikashop USAePay Payment PluginWe developed a custom inline credit card processing payment plugin for USAePay and all HikaShop versions running on Joomla 2.5. Completely open source, so you can modify as needed.