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HikaShop and HikaMarket store owners and web professionals now have a better way to handle sales and use tax.

AvaTax automation by Avalara, the leader in eCommerce sales tax, integrates seamlessly with HikaShop and HikaMarket to give you fast, easy, accurate and affordable sales and use tax calculation in your Joomla website.

HikaShop Avalara AvaTax Connector Extension




The Polished Geek AvaTax Connector plugin is 100% free and open source.

Certified by Avalara for:

  • Address validation (for all Avalara supported countries)
  • Sales tax calculation, with geo-point accuracy
  • Global sales tax - supports all international sales tax jurisdictions supported by Avalara
  • VAT calculation, including physical and virtual goods
  • Tax calculation support for partial or full refunds through HikaShop/HikaMarket
  • Multi-vendor HikaMarket support delivers accurate tax calculation for multiple source addresses in a single order, by line item
  • Compliant tax calculation in both the frontend and administrator backend, for accurate tax handling throughout the entire HikaShop or HikaMarket order lifecycle

Ready to simplify taxes in your HikaShop or HikaMarket store?


A Sales Tax Audit?!!

Avoid a sales and use tax audit

Avoid the expense, stress & financial risk of a sales tax audit with guaranteed accurate, automatic sales tax calculation.

Now available with the Polished Geek Avalara AvaTax Connector for your HikaShop eCommerce web store.

(Joomla 3.x extension, compatible with HikaShop and HikaMarket.)


Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies eBook

Sales and Use Tax Compliance for Dummies eBook (Avalara AvaTax)

Free Download: Sales and Use Tax Compliance for Dummies

Learn what you need to know about:

  • The taxes for which you are responsible
  • Understanding nexus in the world of digital commerce
  • Avoid sales and use tax audits
  • Understand the ways to manage tax exemption certificates

Sales & Use Tax Compliance For Dummies will help you understand the constantly changing world of sales and use tax regulation and your responsibilities for collecting and remitting tax.

Zip Codes Don’t Mean Zip for eCommerce Sellers

Zip Codes Don’t Mean Zip for eCommerce Sellers

Free Download: Zip Codes Don’t Mean Zip for eCommerce Sellers

USA merchants often erroneously believe that it's accurate or legal to use zip codes to calculate sales tax, but that's simply not the case. Using zip codes as your primary method of calculating sales tax will lead to charging incorrect tax amounts, under or over reporting taxes, and customer dissatisfaction at being charged the wrong amount for tax.

This helpful guide from our tax automation partner, Avalara, explains the risks and pitfalls of using ZIP codes for things they were never intended for, and how you can handle credit card verification, address validation and sales tax calculation accurately, without relying on zip codes.

Learn more about Avalara

Want to know more about Avalara AvaTax and how it can help your business?

Polished Geek is an Avalara Approved Development & Integration Partner

If you do choose to implement AvaTax in your Joomla eCommerce shopping cart, you'll be in good hands.

Not only are we an authorized HikaShop Development Partner, Polished Geek is proud to be an official Avalara Development & Integration Partner as well.

And we do everything to make it easy for you to get your tax automation integration up and running. As part of our Avalara partnership agreement, Polished Geek provides free technical support for our Avalara AvaTax Connector for HikaShop and HikaMarket. Just open a support ticket for assistance.