Maxy Media says has been able to grow with us. It’s not just 'We can organize your weekly schedule.' It can go more in depth to automate functions or create a brand new process from scratch. The platform’s flexibility let us adapt to changes in our ecosystem.

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Maxy Media says

“ has been able to grow with us. It’s not just 'We can organize your weekly schedule.' It can go more in depth to automate functions or create a brand new process from scratch. The platform’s flexibility let us adapt to changes in our ecosystem.”


Digital marketing agencies worldwide use the platform to supercharge their productivity with its customizable marketing integrations for teams. And there's no better example of how this solution can help businesses grow than Maxy Media. It's a successful digital marketing agency that works with companies of all sizes to identify their customers and create campaigns that reach them effectively.

Still, the road to get there wasn't easy.

Maxy Media faced growing pains, holding it back from delivering on its full potential. It needed a better way to track work across departments, and it needed to do this without increasing the time spent on project management.

To see how they did it, let's explore the Total Economic Impact™ report from Forrester Consulting. It provides a comprehensive review, detailing how Maxy Media optimized its workflows and achieved significant benefits by moving to 

Life Before

Maxy Media was looking for a way to coordinate both their internal and external teams in one place and to save time by eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms. The company had tried other project management tools and software, but they all fell short for one reason or another. None of them truly solved the issues at hand.

Have you ever tried managing a client portfolio using little else but emailing spreadsheets from one employee to the next? It's next to impossible to track what's been done, what hasn't, and who is responsible.

Spreadsheets were not designed to fulfill the tasks an agency like Maxy Media needs to stay on top of a growing number of clients. In fact, the challenges Maxy Media was facing in their day-to-day operations are no different from those many companies face when managing their workflows. Confusion and frustration built up and eventually led them down a path of constant search for the "perfect tool."

Building a native cloud-based solution did improve things for Maxy Media for a short time. Moving to the cloud made work processes more efficient and improved the team's sense of productivity. However, Maxy's Chief Operating Officer (COO) says it wasn't enough. Too much time was still spent piecing together project information from multiple sources, searching for crucial data, and chasing down team members for status updates.

So over time, the same problems rose to the surface again and again.

Wasted Productivity

Team members constantly had to wait for large, bloated cloud-based spreadsheets to download and open. File sharing was frustratingly slow and convoluted.

Few Measurable KPIs

There was no obvious way to measure key performance indicators for Maxy Media's projects. This left the company with only piecemeal ways to tell if their work was driving their desired results.

Unable to Track Accountability

Without a way to monitor employee progress and ensure accountability, Maxy Media fell victim to a lot of scope creep — projects dragged out far beyond their original deadlines, and no one knew what was going wrong or how to fix them.

As a creative digital agency, Maxy Media's team members work with various clients simultaneously on multiple projects. The amount of information they handle every day is immense. They needed a way to efficiently communicate updates and ensure everyone was on the same page before moving forward with their work.

Naturally, Maxy Media started looking for a solution to bridge the gaps in its processes, improve collaboration, and ultimately bring better outcomes for its projects. Enter for marketing teams.


Before we deployed, the team was spending 20 to 30 minutes pausing or waiting around for the spreadsheets. With a team waiting that long at least three to five times per week, it was really unproductive. When we moved to, it automatically solved that issue.
Leeann Downes, Director of Technical Operations, Maxy Media

Forrester's financial analysis found that since adopting the Work OS, Maxy Media has achieved a net profit value (NPV) of $625,653.

Their benefits over three years totaled $807,219, compared to $181,566 in costs — Maxy Media's ROI is 345%.

But how?

It all started in Q1 of 2020. That was when Maxy Media first started deploying They were looking for a solution that would:

  • Lower their overhead costs.
  • Be easy to implement without being a technical expert.
  • Track their progress, especially client portfolios, KPIs, and team status updates.
  • Be scalable and keep pace with the company's complexity of operations.


Several Maxy Media employees were already familiar with from other workplaces and recommended its integration. That led to a phased approach that would allow them to test the software without making dramatic changes immediately.

The first step was for the team at Maxy Media to create a simple workflow for one of their ongoing projects. Before deciding, they began a short trial period for both the software and their own internal processes.

It took a little time to learn and customize the integrations, templates, and automations to their liking. However, once everything was ready, it didn't take long for everyone to get on board and start using it every day.

And in the end, the outcome was clear.'s new automation tools were so helpful that Maxy Media saw an opportunity to pivot more heavily into TikTok advertising. Doing so required a lot of previously cost-prohibitive professional video editing services.

But thanks to the increased workload management capabilities made possible by Work OS, Maxy Media could add TikTok as a service offering without constantly needing to grow their internal operations team.

From a business perspective, the amount we saved in time, energy, resources, and decluttering workspace procedures manually allowed us to do so much more. has helped us achieve a scale which we would not have been able to before.
Jack Antaki, COO, Maxy Media

How helped Maxy Media

Before using a Work OS, Maxy Media fell victim to a lot of scope creep — projects dragged out far beyond their original deadlines, and no one knew what was going wrong or how to fix them. was there to help.

How Maxy Media Uses

From campaign management to content production workflow, media buying, approval and compliance processes, staffing, hiring, and recruiting, Maxy Media uses for nearly every facet of its internal operations. A Work OS platform allows them to build on a single workspace to create customized processes for different departments and teams. has allowed them to magnify their advertising presence on TikTok, where they use's suite of features to power the creation of their highly successful ads. TikTok is a more fast-paced social media environment than Facebook, where Maxy had delivered most of its advertising work before.

According to Maxy Media's COO, TikTok requires at least 66% more content production to meet highly specific audience targeting criteria for effective ads. And with multiple video versions and pieces of copy needed for each ad campaign, it can be difficult to track all the moving parts without an organizational platform like

With the communications channels we were using, things would easily get lost or misplaced. Files would also get uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive and they would be incorrectly labeled. Some would get accidentally deleted and removed. There would be instances of creators producing their videos, uploading them to their particular channels, and because there was so much happening at once, the media buyer might miss it. Operationally, it was just a big mess and there were holes all over the place.
Jack Antaki, COO, Maxy Media

Thriving Through Organization

The ability to organize and categorize projects is one of's most valuable features for Maxy Media, which had previously tracked work manually across various messaging platforms. This often led to confusion between team members about which projects were underway and which still required attention or completion.

However, with the Work OS's customizable columns and boards, Maxy Media has established a clear structure for every project and streamlined their workflow from the initial brainstorming process through the final stages of delivery.

With, Maxy Media could automate the payment process for contractors by creating a simple workflow that notifies contractors of payments, sends emails to accounting when payments are due, and auto-generates invoices for clients upon project completion.

They also use to manage the content flow between their editorial staff and contractors through an automated approval process. It ensures all content is consistent with Maxy Media's standards before publishing it to their network of media outlets. That's helped them maintain high-quality content while reducing their workloads across multiple teams.

Analyzing Maxy Media's Costs From Using

Maxy Media's transition over to was smooth, though naturally it took some time to learn how to get the most out of the platform.

Software Licensing Costs

They began with a enterprise software license for 35 employees. Even though they're a smaller company, they chose the enterprise level to take full advantage of's suite of automations, such as the ability to add tasks automatically, adjust statuses, or send notifications based on changes made in another column.

Beyond the initial purchase and setup, Maxy Media also hired a team of software developers to help generate APIs and workflows customized precisely to their agency needs.

Their total 3-year licensing costs $65,081.

Deployment and Administration Costs

Maxy Media's technical team members have an average annual salary of $121,500. Based on the company's three-year implementation, with allowance made for multiple 10-hour videotaped training sessions, the total cost of deployment and administration came out to $16,867.

Support and Training Costs

Maxy Media's employees each received training on the platform. At an average base salary per employee of $94,500, over a three-year implementation period, this came out to $134,412.

Analyzing Maxy Media's Benefits From Using

With a client requesting 10 ads a day, we needed to facilitate the process of clients checking, reviewing, and approving or rejecting the ads. The compliance aspect of getting ads ready to launch has reduced our launch time from a week to a day.
Jack Antaki, COO, Maxy Media

For an agency like Maxy Media, productivity inevitably means more revenue. It means more ads generated and more clients served. has helped Maxy Media become more efficient than ever by providing visibility into every aspect of their client's campaigns and real-time access to important documents, images, and client feedback, all while keeping everyone on the same page.

The results speak for themselves. Maxy Media generated $408,240 in additional revenue from digital content creation alone.

Peak Productivity

Today, the agency's media buyers can quickly communicate their campaign goals on the platform. Other team members then use them to produce media kits that outline campaigns' specifications and goals to clients. The platform brings efficiency and clarity to Maxy Media's workflow by streamlining communication between team members and encouraging collaboration across departments through shared workflows.

And they've gone from managing a previous 10 to 15 ads per day to as many as 50 or more.

Every client on Maxy Media's roster has their own board, where the team tracks all of the tasks they are doing for each client, as well as images and documents. Each task is assigned to a specific team member with a due date and priority level. Clients can have real-time access to information about their projects by being invited privately as Guest users on the platform.

The great thing about is that it allows team members to update each other in real-time about any changes or progress to a project. This allows for quick communication and easy tracking of changes so that nothing falls through the cracks, which can happen with older methods (like those annoying spreadsheets).

The result after three years of using at Maxy Media? A present value (PV) of $330,636.

Try It for Yourself

Forrester Consulting's report on Maxy Media is full of behind-the-scenes details about how helped them achieve their goals and what the process was like.

Just download the report if you want to know more about how the Work OS can support marketing agencies and functional teams like yours.

In addition, a free trial is an excellent way to see firsthand how this comprehensive platform can support your agency's operations at every level, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up (no credit card needed).