Why Motorola says

Monday.com is a significant factor in our success as an internal Motorola agency. The team's scope expanded quickly, and this solution allowed us to keep everything on track as we replaced outside agencies. It also helped us demonstrate our contribution to the company with sound data.

forrester-motorola study
forrester-motorola study

Learn why Motorola says

"Monday.com is a significant factor in our success as an internal Motorola agency. The team's scope expanded quickly, and this solution allowed us to keep everything on track as we replaced outside agencies. It also helped us demonstrate our contribution to the company with sound data."


Monday.com — Much More Than a CRM

Some may describe monday.com as customer relations management (CRM) software, but it's so much more than that. Monday.com is a complete work operating system (OS) that helps businesses build personalized work management workflows for all kinds of companies. Monday.com currently operates across 200 countries and thousands of industries, so there's no doubt about its effectiveness and popularity. 

Whether you're dealing with marketing, sales, customer relations, human resources, recruitment, software development, or project management, monday.com offers you all the necessary features and tools you need to run your business processes. It handles every step of the workflow while creating a transparent business environment.

By that, we mean monday.com optimizes team communication to the max. For example, you can let your project manager know that your task is done with just a click. Meanwhile, the manager has complete access to the full process and task details. In essence, monday.com provides the best combination of security and flexibility that marketing teams look for in a work management system.

The Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study

To better understand what makes monday.com so ideal for business optimization, they commissioned Forrester, an independent research and advisory company, to do a case study. Forrester studied Motorola's use of monday.com for its creative teams and measured the Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) of choosing a Work OS to manage their work.

Motorola switched to an internal creative agency model recently, during which they chose monday.com to manage their campaigns. First, they began using monday.com for a small team in one country and then soon expanded the use of the platform globally. 

A Forrester Total Economic Impact study covers the benefits, costs, and risks of investing in work management and collaboration software. This detailed study calculates the potential return on investment (ROI) that companies could gain from using monday.com. In addition, this framework could help you assess the financial impact of this work operating system on your own business.

Read on to determine the factors Forrester considered while creating the TEI case study with Motorola. 

How Forrester Constructed the TEI Framework

Here is the approach Forrester took to determine the impact of monday.com on an organization such as Motorola.


To start with, Forrester interviewed the stakeholders at monday.com and the analysts at Forrester to gather the correct data. Then, they interviewed five decision-makers at Motorola to find out the benefits and risks they experienced with monday.com.

The Motorola decision-makers included:

  • A creative manager on Motorola's North American team.
  • A senior manager of marketing operations and analytics on Motorola's Latin American team.
  • A senior graphic designer on Motorola's Latin American team.
  • A project manager in Motorola's Latin American team.
  • The global director for CRM, digital, and social.

Financial Model

Forrester created a financial model representing the interviews they conducted. The risk was then adjusted in this financial model by considering the issues and concerns of Motorola's decision-makers.

Case Study

Lastly, Forrester modeled the investment impact by employing the four fundamental elements of TEI: benefits, flexibility, costs, and risks. The Forrester TEI methodology gives you a complete overview of the impact of purchasing monday.com's services. 

Motorola Before monday.com

Before investing in monday.com, Motorola’s team was facing particular challenges and looking for specific solutions.

Keep reading to get a cohesive picture of Motorola's situation and challenges before the company began using monday.com for creative marketing teams.

How monday.com helped Motorola

The challenges Motorola was facing before it implemented a Work OS severely impacted its creative team's overall productivity and output.

Monday.com was there to help.

Challenges Motorola Was Facing Before Using monday.com

The Motorola Latin American team's senior manager of marketing, operations, and analytics summarized the challenges they faced before monday.com this way:

We didn't have any management tool, so the teams were working at weekly meetings and also by email, but no one had a tool where they could see the whole story.

Conflicting information and a lack of visibility also troubled Motorola's team. Here's a deeper view of the team's struggles before investing in monday.com:

Inconsistent Information

To begin with, there wasn't enough consistent information available for the creatives to do their jobs right. The creative teams were overwhelmed with large project loads with little to no turnaround times. 

As a result, they faced issues submitting suitable logos, artwork, legal text, timelines, approvals, and other elements. In addition, one of their graphic designers shared:

We had a lot of problems with the continuity of the information that we needed to put in the art.

As a result, projects took longer to complete and thus cost even more. Plus, project deadlines were frequently missed and had to be redone multiple times.

Lack of Visibility

Beyond problems finding and acting on the correct information, there was also a significant lack of visibility across the teams. Before monday.com, as the creative manager said: "Being able to sort was a much more manual experience, and we didn't have a lot of built-in reporting, different views, or detailed sorting functionality."

As a result, supervisors had to put in extra hours to make all the scattered data usable for their teams. Responding to senior management requests for KPIs and status was also manual. In addition, they were unable to identify the true bottlenecks in their workflow. 

Lastly, managers found it impossible to figure out which team member was overperforming or underperforming, making it hard to assign appropriate tasks. 

The Solution Motorola Needed

The challenges Motorola was facing before it implemented the use of a Work OS impacted the company's overall productivity and output. To counter all these problems, the Motorola team looked for clear and straightforward solutions. Here are some of the features they wanted in a new system:


Firstly, they struggled with the confidentiality of their projects. The team at Motorola had to carefully protect all private information relating to ongoing projects. Before monday․com ‍there wasn't an end-to-end system with robust security built-in, making stakeholders uncomfortable about the risks of human error. 

On this topic, the creative manager stated:

One of the things we use monday.com for is to track our upcoming product launches. I have links to the newest product renderings and our entire marketing plan deck. Obviously, it would be a disaster if any of that leaked.

Intuitive Experience

Motorola's creative team did not have much experience with the technical side of work management tools. This is why they needed something highly intuitive and easy to personalize.

They didn't want to spend months understanding and mastering an intricate system. Monday.com checked all the boxes for ease of use, seamless activation, and premium software support.


In addition to an intuitive and secure platform, they also needed something flexible. The creative manager described the dynamic work environment at Motorola this way:

Probably every six months, there's been another dimension that's been added to our team's responsibilities.
Having a space to keep that organized makes it possible for us to continue growing and delivering as an internal marketing agency.

A project and process management software that readily can adapt to ever-shifting demands is what they needed.


Lastly, Motorola's team looked for something that didn't break the bank. Most of their investments had already gone into other work management and collaboration tools. Now, they needed something affordable that would return a positive ROI. 

How Motorola Reached New Heights With monday.com

According to the decision-makers at Motorola, investing in monday.com was one of their smartest decisions. As a result, it's become an inevitable part of their daily routine, helping them stay on track with their workflows. 

Overall, they achieved a 345% ROI, 279k net present value (NPV), and $360k quantified benefits with the help of monday.com over a three year period. 

The senior marketing operations and analytics manager summed it up as:

The first thing I go to at work is opening monday.com.

Keep reading to find out the impact of monday.com on Motorola's operations.

Increased Creative Team Productivity

Motorola reported that using monday.com has boosted their creative team's productivity. Now, they only spend 30 minutes on projects that once took them two hours. So not only did they save time, but they also saved a lot of money. 

In fact, this productivity boost contributed over $121k to the bottom line. Monday.com's accessibility, automation, priority system, and ease of use is the main reason behind this increase in their creative team's productivity. 

Reduced Reporting Time

With the use of monday.com, the creative team was able to reduce administrative and reporting time. As a result, they saved over $123k since most of their communication is now centralized on their favorite Work OS.

The creative manager describes their previous struggle this way:

I used to have to compile all of the team's deliveries to help quantify the value we were bringing every quarter. I would have to spend days compiling the data.

A week of work is completed in one day, saving a lot of time and money on the creative team's hands. That's because they were spending over five hours on weekly status meetings. Meeting time was reduced by 80% to just one hour with the help of monday.com.

Avoided Project Manager Hires

In addition, they were able to avoid additional project manager hires. Now that monday.com was fulfilling all their project management needs, they didn't have to hire another project manager just to coordinate the marketing program in that region. 

As a result, they were able to save a significant amount of money, estimated at around $116k. The creative manager also agreed that monday.com seamlessly took the place of a project manager by automating routine tasks and boosting collaboration.

Improved Job Satisfaction

Each interviewee at Motorola was asked about their experience with monday.com. The majority of them said that their job became much easier after adopting this efficient work operating system. That's because all the required tools and information were available in one centralized workspace in monday.com.

Efficient Handoffs

As Motorola operates in multiple regions, each relies on monday.com for a seamless product launch. The software helps them coordinate product launches globally, ensuring that every team is on the same page throughout the entire launch process. 

On this topic, the creative manager added:

Prioritization is key because we need to coordinate product launches worldwide. With my launch calendar on monday.com, I know exactly which products will launch when in each market, and then I know the dates for when we need to start to create the CRM campaigns.

Data-Driven Demonstration

The creative manager for Motorola's North American team explained that the entire team submits their work through monday.com. As a result, they can expedite and optimize the reporting process with much less manual effort.

In addition, each team member can quickly request and advocate for what they need from their management and coworkers in order to perform at their best for the company and its clients.

Monday.com Solutions To Optimize Your Business

Here are some of the many solutions offered by monday.com that can help boost productivity, save time and money, and increase ROI at your business. 

  • Project Management. The software helps centralize and plan all your projects from start to finish. One seamless dashboard will help you manage team members, progress, task priorities, and work statuses. Plus, you'll be able to identify bottlenecks and risks much more efficiently.
  • Marketing. Monday.com will help you build a marketing strategy as well as manage it with high-level overviews. The software allows you to monitor the progress and success of your ongoing strategies. Plus, you'll be able to automate your plans and ensure that everyone's on the same page. 
  • Sales Management. Monday.com provides powerful CRM integrations to personalize your workflow even more. It also streamlines all onboarding processes to increase efficiency and maximize sales success. 
  • HR and Recruitment. Your HR department can also benefit from monday.com. The Work OS can help organize and deliver the recruitment pipeline and onboarding process, plus effectively track employee wellbeing, professional development, and learning. 

Want to Read the Full Forrester Report?

Monday.com is a significant factor in our success as an internal Motorola agency. The team's scope expanded quickly, and this solution allowed us to keep everything on track as we replaced outside agencies. It also helped us demonstrate our contribution to the company with sound data.

This is how the creative manager at Motorola described their experience with monday.com. Thousands of multinational companies like Coca-Cola, Hulu, Universal Music Group, and Hubspot also use this software to optimize their workflows. 

Want to learn even more about the details of this study? Download the full Forrester TEI report and get all the necessary insights into monday.com's impact on businesses. Then, sign up for a trial of monday.com and start managing all your creative team's projects and tasks in the most efficient way possible.