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Open a new request at the PG Monday.com client portal

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Every Polished Geek client account is assigned a private support email address, to make communicating with us quick and easy.

Or simply login to the PG Monday.com client portal to open a new request and chat with our team.

For urgent situations, we encourage you to call us at 919-275-0676.


Visit the Polished Geek Monday.com client portal

Project & Request Management

Everything at Polished Geek happens on Monday.... Monday.com, that is.

The PG Monday.com portal lets everyone on your team quickly add new requests, view task progress, exchange files, and more. Your private client Monday.com space lets you collaborate closely with everyone at Polished Geek and track any tasks waiting for your reply.

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Client & Extension Documentation - Polished Geek


Product & Client Documentation

If you have been assigned a private client documentation space for your company, login here at PG Docs to view, edit or download your documentation.

We also have publicly available Joomla extension documentation available for all of our open source extensions.


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