Automate to Elevate your business profitability

Aesir Solution Partner

Is your website lonely and isolated, working and toiling away, all by itself?

Is your website an island, cut off from all the other critical systems and processes in your business?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Your website can - and should - do more.

Since 2009, Polished Geek has connected B2B and B2C eCommerce websites with APIs for everything from car part catalogs to eBay, from tax automation software to HR recruiting systems, and lots more.

If you’re looking to automate, extend or integrate your website with an ERP or CRM, implement a PIM, DAM or other specialized B2B eCommerce solution, we can help you achieve it with Aesir.

Because at Polished Geek, we believe your website should work harder than you do.


Automate to Elevate your marketing

Are you ready to see increased conversions, greater customer loyalty, and more repeat sales?

Would you like to increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns?

With Aesir, you can manage content intelligently while maintaining the integrity of your brand across multiple channels. The software's ability to track customer engagement provides the data you need to keep user personalization updated and relevant.

Aesir’s native ability to uncover customer journey insights leads to better context marketing, each and every month.

That means your website never has to stop improving and adapting to the real needs of your customers.


Our team at Polished Geek is ready to help you get maximum value out of your Aesir project. 

We’ll help you deliver information that's relevant and targeted to your website visitors — the kind of information that speaks directly to their needs and their passions.

We can help you with everything from developing customer personas and a full digital marketing plan, to technical development, implementation and rollout.

And if you want a partner for ongoing maintenance and support, we stick around for the long haul. Polished Geek offers retainer marketing management and website support services once your site goes live.

Learn more about working with us.

Are you an established B2B or B2C eCommerce business ready to automate & elevate with Aesir?

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