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Our culture at Polished Geek includes a strong set of beliefs about web development.


We believe that careful attention to the upfront requirements gathering and planning phase pays off in the long run for almost any project. Better attention to these items in the beginning lead to better results for you, and helps make sure everyone involved understands the goals and objectives of the project.


We believe in delivering high quality Joomla!® web development services first and foremost. We're certainly not the least expensive company you will find, and we're not the fastest. But getting it done fast and cheap is worthless if the end result is the wrong solution for your business.


We believe it can be done. Polished Geek builds things other web development companies run screaming from or say simply can't be done. The "impossible" just means we roll up our sleeves and dig in.


We believe custom coding should do no harm. Whenever possible, we avoid "hacks" and intrusive modifications to native Joomla and extensions. Those approaches may be less expensive and faster, but they destroy your upgrade path and make future modification overly complicated. Polished Geek uses creative plugins, cart-agnostic design principles, separate file structures and minimally invasive file modifications whenever possible. We keep an eye on maintainability and future expandability in all of our web development services.


Our clients include great companies like:

The Sash Company (Joomla eCommerce website with HikaShop)
Guardian Fall Protection (Joomla eCommerce with HikaShop & HikaMarket)
Pilot Financial - Joomla website
Hutchison Displays (Joomla eCommerce)
Custom Joomla development services for
Custom Joomla Development Services for VirginiaTech
enCOMPASS Marketing Agency