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Red Adair once famously said:

"If you think it's expensive to

hire a professional to do the job,

just wait until you hire an amateur."


It's a saying that has survived the years and is immortalized on wall calendars, t-shirts, framed office art and quoted in countless blogs across the internet.

It lives on, dear Client, because it's true.


We provide our services under a few different pricing arrangements:

Fixed bid pricing

  • Offered only if project requirements are very clearly documented and understood
  • Both parties must feel confident in the scope of the work
  • The payment structure usually is similar to this:
    • 50% initial retainer deposit to confirm project and placement on schedule
    • 30% interim payment when beta version of the custom solution is available for client review
    • Final 20% payment due upon client testing and approval, prior to release of source code
    • Some larger fixed bid projects may be broken up into multiple fixed bid deliverables, with multiple interim milestone payments due as each deliverable reaches beta status
  • Fixed bid pricing includes all design, technical development, quality and usability testing, live webinar training (if needed), basic documentation and 30 day warranty after completion
  • Some projects may need us to perform detailed Requirements Analysis in order to confirm estimates for fixed bid pricing. If Requirements Analysis work is necessary, it will be conducted on an hourly basis as a consulting service. Any resulting documentation will become the property of the client upon completion of this paid service.


Technical services by the hour

  • Purchased in prepaid packages of 12, 24 or 48 hours. There is a 5% volume discount on 24 hour packages and 10% off for 48 hour packages.
  • Our standard hourly rate is $155 USD per hour, charged in 15 minute increments against prepaid accounts
  • Technical services hours purchased never expire until used
  • We work on the tasks and priorities you authorize
  • Services hours may be used for any Joomla service offered by Polished Geek, for any website you support (great for agencies!)
  • Larger established clients may qualify for net 15 or net 30 payment terms after payment of initial retainer, subject to credit approval


Volume maintenance service discounts are available for clients needing more than 60 hours average per month. Contact us for volume pricing information

After hours and weekend services - Please note that we are based in the Eastern USA time zone, and are closed on weekends, evenings and all USA holidays. Client requests for weekend and evening emergency work may be available at overtime surcharge rates of 1.5x our standard rate, subject to staff availability. On rare occasions we may agree to work on USA holidays at 2x the standard hourly rate. All overtime and holiday work must be requested in writing and if approved and scheduled by Polished Geek, prepaid by client.


A few closing thoughts on pricing and value

The type of work we do at Polished Geek is often complex. We're the company many other Joomla!® web development companies call when they get stuck, with much our clientele being fellow web design and web development companies. Many of the custom development projects we take on require the skills of a project manager or business analyst, an experienced solution architect, quality assurance / usability tester, plus senior Joomla PHP and MySQL developers. We bring the skills of our entire team to your project when you sign on with us as a client.

When you hire us, you hire an experienced Joomla team that has worked together for over many years. Our full time personnel are from the USA, with an average of over six years working with Polished Geek and Joomla web development.

Open Source is free...

... just like kittens.

Sure, Joomla and many of the extensions for it are free (and that's awesome!), but having an open source website is kind of like adopting a stray kitten.

It might have come into your life free, but if you want it to stay, you'll have to pay to keep it.


Kittens need food and safe shelter.

Your Joomla site needs good hosting.


Kittens need proper vet care.

Your Joomla site needs ongoing maintenance.


Kittens need preventative treatment for fleas and worms.

Your Joomla site needs security to avoid unwanted parasites too, like hackers.


Kittens grow up to be cats, and eventually age and grow old. Older cats often need extra love and attention (and medical care) to live a long and healthy life.

Your Joomla site won't be young forever. Sooner or later, you'll need to upgrade if you want to enjoy having it around for years to come.


Why all the kitten analogies?

Because in addition to being true, we've actually lived the "free kitten" scenario. Our office cat, named JetSet, was a stray found by one of our employees, abandoned on the street by his previous owners. We adopted him here at Polished Geek.

He's spoiled rotten every day by all of the employees, and of course we take great care of our "free" kitty.

JetSet sleeping in office file box - September 2013

JetSet gets all the kitten food, vet care, catnip, fluffy cat beds and cat toys his little kitty heart desires.

Our clients include great companies like:

The Sash Company (Joomla eCommerce website with HikaShop)
Guardian Fall Protection (Joomla eCommerce with HikaShop & HikaMarket)
Pilot Financial - Joomla website
Hutchison Displays (Joomla eCommerce)
Custom Joomla development services for
Custom Joomla Development Services for VirginiaTech
enCOMPASS Marketing Agency