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A lot of clients are curious about what goes on "behind the scenes" when they hire a web development company.

Many of our new clients also come to us having had not-so-great experiences with companies that don't utilize any sort of modern software project management tools or processes. So naturally they're curious about how we're different.


Our CEO and CTO both have a lot of prior career experience managing large IT application development projects. Deb Cinkus, our CEO, spent many years consulting for major Fortune 500 companies and working for enterprise-level companies like Fidelity Investments. Donald Champion, our CTO and lead solution architect, worked for over a decade at IBM in software engineering.

Having worked on multi-million dollar IT projects much of their professional careers resulted in a healthy respect for the many advantages software development and project management systems can bring to a web development business. With their influence, Polished Geek embraces the use of enterprise-level tools and processes to manage your project, communicate with clients, and ensure higher quality in our software development.


Here are some of the tools we use to better manage your project


For live online meetings, we use RingCentral meetings hosted through Zoom. This allows us to easily do screen sharing with our clients, and when appropriate record the meeting for later reference. Zoom provides a better experience for most clients than Skype (For audio calls with international clients, we are still happy to use Skype by appointment if desired.)


Polished Geek's client areaWHMCS delivers a "one-stop-shop" for billing & support communications. In addition to managing all hosting clients, we also use WHMCS for all invoicing, ticket support, extension downloads, extension license management, permanent file storage of completed projects on your account, and more. This makes it convenient for you to communicate with us through an easy Client Area interface.


The Royalty Care touch: Premium & VIP access for our valued monthly support plan members

Clients who are enrolled in one of our premium monthly Joomla maintenance and support packages enjoy the very best in communication options with our team. All Royalty Care Plan members can use our EasySupportTM Screenshot tool, which allows you to take and send a screenshot right from your website in just a few seconds. No downloading images, logging in and then uploading - just explain what you want done and hit send!

Our top two Joomla maintenance plans in Royalty Care get the highest level of VIP experience. Kingdom & Empire plan members get a private messaging system right in the Joomla admin. We call this DirectSupportTM. With DirectSupport, you can send us messages, ask questions, request changes or report a problem, right from the Joomla admin backend, seamlessly as you work. No separate login required, and if you aren't logged in when we reply, you'll receive an email notice.

Curious about our Joomla maintenance plan EasySupport & DirectSupport tools?



And when we need to get Geeky...

Professional Atlassian project management and software development tools like JIRA and JIRA Capture to manage all of our internal project management. This means we keep better track of all the moving parts of your project.

Screenshot of Polished Geek's JIRA system For example, when we're on a live call with you walking through a project, we use JIRA to document all of your requests. We're able to take and annotate screenshots related to the project live in our browser, then immediately assign a new JIRA item to one of our developers, in real time, with all of the supporting documentation.


Zephyr screenshot from Polished Geek systemQuality Assurance testing tool Zephyr to plan test cases and manage the QA testing cycle for all Joomla extensions we build, and for most custom development projects. This means you receive cleaner code the first time.

While we're on the subject of testing, you'll be pleased to know we always budget for QA testing in our estimates. We don't count on our clients "beta testing" our code for us, like many other web development companies do.


Polished Geek uses GITAll of our code is stored in a secure GIT repository to ensure proper version control and traceability of any changes. This means you won't have to worry about us losing weeks worth of work because a backup failed or some other disaster occurs on the development site. For example, occasionally mistakes happen and a developer will upload a template correction for a site that stomps on the code another developer just finished. With GIT, our developers just pull the latest version of their code from the repository and merge it in with the template changes. No worries, no lost work, and no frantic hair pulling required.


Ready to work with a more professional Joomla web development company?

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