How to Use the App: Secrets From the Experts

More than 125,000 teams across all industries use the platform as their trusted work operating system (Work OS). Companies like Hulu, Wix, Tesla, and Adobe use to streamline processes, optimize campaigns, manage day-to-day tasks, and more. While the platform is extremely intuitive and valuable, navigating its numerous capabilities and features can be overwhelming, especially when you're just starting out. If you're thinking about jumping on the bandwagon, check out our insider secrets below to learn how your business can use the platform to its full potential.

What Is is a cloud-based Work OS that allows you to create work management tools to stay ahead of your daily enterprise duties. This software as a service (SaaS) solution has a user-friendly, visually attractive interface that lets you organize your workflow using items, columns, widgets, integrations, and more. With all of these options, you can build customized applications that suit your specific business needs. is not just a project management tool. It offers you the right tools to reach your business goals while encouraging teamwork in your company. This solution empowers all your employees and makes it easier for them to work together to reach a common objective.

Why Use this Process Management Tool?

The platform is a powerful process management system designed to help your company grow. It's a solution to many business-related problems that allows employees and managers to balance productivity and engagement as they build and implement project plans. This Work OS lets organizations like yours connect employees, manage tasks, and track progress, all in one place.'s main perks are:

  • Lower need for emails and meetings
  • The ability to use live comments
  • Great integration with your favorite apps
  • Private and public boards
  • Easy-to-learn interface
  • Email updates you can customize
  • Easy communication for team members
  • Visual elements offers powerful features and robust functionality. Besides being easy on the eye, this platform allows managers to delegate tasks and improve efficiency. In addition, it gives you and your teams an overview of the most relevant attributes of your projects so you can assign and track tasks to meet all of your deadlines.

Use Cases Of can adapt to pretty much any type of business. As the company states on its site, flexibility is the name of the game! This powerful WorkOS allows users like you to create custom-made work applications to tackle any workflow challenges they may encounter along the way. It can adapt to all kinds of businesses across industries and offer a tailor-made solution for each of them. Some of the most common use cases include:

  • Sales and business development CRM
  • Marketing and creative
  • Event management
  • Business process automation
  • Human resources and recruitment

9 Secrets From The Experts: How to Use the App Like a Pro

Now that you're familiar with what is and how it can help your business, let's have a look at some pro-tips on how to apply its features like a true expert.

1. Start Off on the Right Foot

If you've never used a Work OS before and you're not sure if it's what you need to streamline processes within your organization, you can play it safe by testing the features before you commit. offers a 14-day free trial so that you and your teams can try it out. It's a good idea to make an action plan to get the most out of the trial period. This can mean creating a list of the challenges you're currently facing and using metrics to assess the results you obtain from the app.

Once you get acquainted with what the platform looks like and how its basic features work and if you’re convinced it’s the right solution for your team you can set up your account. By providing your basic information and selecting the plan that best suits your needs, you can start customizing your experience. is a collaborative platform by nature, so it's a good idea to bring your entire team to join. You can invite them by sending a link or an email. Doing so will allow you and your team to play around with's many features and understand the function behind creating boards. Boards are the foundation of the Work OS, as they allow you to keep tabs on your projects, departments, and products. They are where you and your teams can manage your workflow and all relevant tasks that help you reach your business goals.

3. Get Familiar with the Boltswitch & Other Shortcuts

If you're looking into getting a subscription for a productivity and process management solution, it's probably because you understand the value of time. offers you a vast array of solutions and shortcuts that help you expedite your processes and find your boards without spending precious time scrolling away.

Learning how to do a quick search on the platform is imperative if you want to access your dashboard and workspace at lightning speed, so familiarize yourself with typing Command+B!

4. Minimize Your Notifications

Notifications can be distracting when you're trying to get work done. Fortunately, the Work OS allows you to narrow down updates and other announcements to only those you really need. You can even remove yourself as a member from boards that are irrelevant to your daily work. Additionally, you can adjust your settings for bell notifications, unsubscribe from certain items, and unfollow conversations you don't have to be a part of.

5. Optimize Your Workflow Updates

If you find yourself clicking away to make dozens of repetitive changes one by one, has a batch action feature that lets you update numerous items at a time. You can use it in your columns and timelines to optimize your workday.

6. Keep Your Calendars on Sync

Instead of having to open multiple apps just to keep your tasks under control, why not sync them all to one platform? Centralizing your calendars is an excellent way to save time and keep all your team members on the same page. The date column setting lets you synchronize your boards with most of the mainstream calendars in the market.

Date columns also have a deadline mode that lets you visualize whether the items in your calendar were completed on time or are overdue. This feature also helps you stay on track by letting you know the number of days you have left to complete a certain task.

7. Take To Go

Nowadays, it's not unusual to take work on the go. Luckily, the app can go with you. That's because there's a mobile app available for iOS and Android users that allows you to collaborate with your team whenever, wherever. If you want to be able to check notifications, create tasks, and edit boards — all while working online — you'll want to download the mobile app.

8. Focus on Team Communication

If you haven't realized by now, takes collaboration seriously. That's why one of its main focus points is to encourage teamwork and allow you to communicate, assign tasks, and measure progress in all of your projects. You should encourage your team members to use all of the Work OS’s features and take advantage of the many solutions it offers to make participation much easier. allows you and your employees to:

  • Send messages to the whole team via
  • Use @mentions to message a specific team member
  • Mention all team members in a particular board
  • Integrate third-party apps that allow chats and other messaging methods

9. Hire a Professional Consulting Service

While it's true you could take your time to understand the nuts and bolts of on your own, you can always get some help. Hiring a consulting service will let you learn how to use effectively in no time. It will allow you to ask as many questions as needed and build up your expertise by listening to a certified partner. Polished Geek offers an industry-leading Monday Mentor(SM) service that's customized for your business and specific use case. Working with us will boost your team's productivity in no time.

10. Take Full Advantage of’s Integration Capabilities

Having to manage numerous different platforms and applications to handle your workflow can get confusing and a bit frustrating at times. allows you to combine all of them in one place so that you and your employees don’t have to keep jumping from one app to another.

All you need to do is click the integration button in your dashboard and choose from the available options in the platform’s integration list. Next, you’ll just have to set up your parameters and enjoy the perks of having all your data and information in one place. Simple as that!

Unleash Your Team's Fullest Potential With can be your best productivity ally if you know how to use it to your advantage. If you're ready to put its potential to the test, book a 30-minute strategic meeting with one of our experts.

At Polished Geek, we have certified expertise. We offer consulting services, done-with-you custom implementation, integration, training, and support to help you do more with Monday. Contact us today and let us help you on your path to success.

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