11 Ways the Monday App Can Help You Run Your Business and Your Life

There’s that old saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” We all know the struggle to stay on top of your workload and commitments without having a reliable tool to help organize our business and life. But what if you did have that tool? is a project management software that matches work teams with a complete suite of tools to help them work smarter. It combines task management, collaboration tools for teams, and personal productivity all in one place. Perhaps the only project management app you’ll ever need, is designed to balance both your professional and personal life.

How can you organize a business with Here are 11 simple ways:

1. Manage Your Week

The platform is loaded with tools that will help you structure your schedule and cut down on unnecessary busywork.

  • Set a new priority for each day of the week to get ahead of your goals and prioritize them more efficiently.
  • Set milestones for finishing projects to keep yourself on track, then monitor your progress as you go along.
  • Add due dates and customize them to suit your personal work schedule and deadlines so that you will get that project completed on time.
  • Leverage the power of delegation by creating tasks and assigning them to team members so they can do them on your behalf.
  • Schedule meetings in advance to further define your priorities and stay on track.

2. Personalized To-Do Lists to Never Miss a Deadline Again includes a wide range of personalization features. You can make to-do lists, attach files, and send reminders to employees and team members to get their work done. That can help you manage your projects and time more efficiently. Not only can you get more work done, but you can create more time for yourself while you’re at it.

One of the nicest features about is that its personalization options don’t end with you. For example, you can make tasks and assignments specific to each team member. That means if you know a task is likely to be stressful or difficult for someone, or if it suits one team member’s skill set better than another’s, you can assign the project accordingly using Once assigned, you can search for tasks by the client, location, project name, or specific team member and even view their daily or weekly progress.

3. Powerful Integrations to Simplify Your Work

Love using a certain tool? You can integrate it with in a few clicks and keep all your data and information updated in one place. You can then connect that data with 40+ integrations from different tools across departments, so everyone has access to the same data. Import and export your data quickly and easily so you and your team can prioritize your time accordingly.'s deep integration with allows you to set up blogs and social media posts, as well as embed images and video directly into your workflow.

4. Intelligent Time Management

Monday's dashboard makes it easy to manage work and personal schedules. You'll get real-time notifications on whatever needs your attention, and you'll be able to pin important deadlines on your calendar or to-do list to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. You'll also have full visibility of your projects and their status through the same dashboard, and you can share updates with your team about your workflow as you go along.

5. Workflow Management

Monday’s automated workflow system can help keep everyone on the same page. It groups project tasks together into the same workspace, where you’ll be able to monitor everyone's progress as you collaborate toward business goals. As each team member finishes, they can mark individual tasks as complete and even add a note for the next person who reviews their data. Finishing your work more efficiently like this is both profitable and productive — you can create a lot more time outside of work to focus on your self-care and personal goals.

6. Prioritize by Urgency or Importance provides users with an intuitive, visual prioritization tool, which helps teams find and prioritize what’s most important to them. This allows everyone to contribute to the plan, so team members can build a comprehensive view of what needs to be done. No more procrastinating on the most important tasks until the very end; no more letting hard tasks slip through. uses a prioritization algorithm powered by machine learning that ensures only relevant and urgent tasks are noted first. That helps your most critical work finish first, while your to-do list avoids becoming too messy.

7. Integrated Work Communications

With its flexible pricing model, has helped thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve business excellence by eliminating unnecessary tasks that take a lot of time. With the ability to prioritize your tasks, track your progress, and streamline the many different operations your business takes on, you can achieve productivity on a larger scale without overwhelming either your work or personal life. also comes with important communication tools for you and your team members. It’s made with a hybrid work environment in mind. Whether your team works in-person at the office or remotely, or both, or one or the other at different times of the year, helps you stay in close contact with them wherever they are. You can even schedule meetings to discuss projects or share your thoughts with your team.

8. Robust Information Systems

With, you can manage your ongoing work projects, take over as manager if need be, and gain peace of mind knowing your projects are progressing toward their upcoming deadline. offers a best-in-class project management solution with a fully integrated platform that enables users to create and assign projects, prioritize different tasks, track one another’s progress, communicate with teams and clients, and gain new insights with actionable alerts. All this takes place on an elegant interface that makes working with your projects easy and intuitive.

9. Collaborative Calendar

The collaborative calendar is where gets a little bit of a leg up on competitors. With drag and drop, you can add meetings and events into the calendar from various services like Google Calendar, Outlook, Google Contacts, Office 365, and Dropbox.

Moreover, the calendar is not limited to the things you’re actively working on, either. You can use it to co-schedule meetings for any of your projects, like finding the right team members for an upcoming event or setting up a call with another team member.

10. Real-Time Work Management Tools delivers a whole new way of working that operates based on daily tasks. Rather than following a rigid time frame, work should be continuous and automated.'s collaborative tool kits are designed to streamline your workflow while the server seamlessly pushes through new updates to optimize the experience. allows you to define separate tasks and assign due dates. You can split a task among multiple team members and assign due dates that are compatible with each team member’s schedule. The system automatically sets deadlines for every task. Clients or team members can comment on tasks and communicate with each other while they work on them.

11. Customized Workspaces

The platform has personalized workspaces, each unique to the user, and changes based on your preferences. Workspaces come with many useful features, such as:

  • The ability to place all your projects, team members, and tasks together in one workspace.
  • A list of specific tasks, their due dates, and assigned members relevant to that workspace, integrated directly into the workspace.
  • A weekly clock on the right side of the workspace helps you know how much time is left until a task is complete or when it’s been completed — this is a great visual cue!
  • A list of personal tasks and add-ons, such as photos you’re currently using.
  • The ability for your teams to easily switch between different workspaces. Each workspace can be assigned to team members, shared between teams, or even made public to the entire company.

If you work from home, comes with a desktop app that makes it easy to set up your self-service workspace and add the time management and productivity tools you need to get the most out of your time. You can even connect your desktop with all the other tools in the platform and set up powerful meeting experiences for remote teams.

Getting the Most ROI Out of

All of’s features are integrated right into the platform and don’t require any setup or maintenance to get up and running. There’s a lot to learn about organizing a business, and while the platform can take you a long way, you might not know how to get the most out of it without a long time spent learning.

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