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Polished Geek uses only enterprise-level, professional applications, tools and solutions to deliver our services and support our business.

Here are ones we heartily recommend. Check them out - and tell them Polished Geek sent you!

In the spirit of full disclosure, some of the listings below do include affiliate links.

This means that Polished Geek LLC may get a small commission if you decide to purchase from one of our affiliated partner companies. We only recommend products & systems that we use and love ourselves, and trust with our own business.

If you purchase from any of our recommended partners, we promise you'll be in good hands.

Customer Engagement & Tracking Analytics with Intercom

Intercom ( Joomla integration for customer tracking, analytics and engagementIntercom is a fundamentally new way for your business to understand and communicate with your customers, personally, at scale. Intercom provides industry leading customer tracking & analytics, plus a customer communication platform with a suite of products that support your sales, marketing, product research and product support.

We feature custom integration of the Intercom platform in our coveted Customer Engagement VIP Days, as well as a premium benefit of our top of the line Empire Royalty Care Plan service.

HikaShop Joomla eCommerce

HikaShop Official Approved Development PartnerPolished Geek has been an official HikaShop authorized developer for several years. It continues to be the go-to Joomla eCommerce favorite for our clients due to its flexibility, stellar support, plus ease of integration and customization.

Nicolas, the owner of HikaShop, really listens to his customers and constantly works to expand the core HikaShop functionality. The HikaShop family of products for Joomla eCommerce  includes multiple levels of the core shopping cart (from a free Starter version to a full business edition), plus HikaMarket for multi-vendor stores, HikaAuction and more. Be sure to tell Team Nicolas we said Hi.

Avalara Sales & Use Tax Automation for eCommmerce

Avalara AvaTax HikaShop eCommerce Sales Tax Automation - Avalara AvaTax Development PartnerOf all the tedious-yet-necessary activities that you deal with every day running a business, tax compliance likely tops the list of things you wish you could avoid. Calculating, filing, and reporting for sales and use tax compliance is not only time-consuming, it’s also costly. The average cost of managing transactional tax compliance is more than $60,000 annually for small businesses. And that's not counting the cost of audits or penalties if your sales taxes are in error.

Our partnership with Avalara can help you automate your Joomla eCommerce sales tax calculations, reducing the risk of audit and ensuring timely, accurate sales tax calculation during checkout, whatever you sell, across the globe. Our Avalara-certified integration for HikaShop supports over 150 counties.

Learn more about tax automation with Avalara & Polished Geek.

Mautic Marketing Automation & Inbound Marketing Solution

Mautic marketing automation for Joomla websites - Mautic Joomla customizationWith Mautic and Joomla, your website can become a powerful, automated sales generation machine. While Mautic is free and easy to use for beginners, to get the most out of any marketing automation tool requires a careful evaluation of your website by an expert. Analysis of your business goals and planning out strategically how Mautic can fit into and expand your marketing effort will help you reach more customers with less work. Contact us and let's talk about your marketing automation project and see if Mautic is right for you.

PandaDoc: Automate contracts & proposals with e-Signature

PandaDoc Contract Automation with online eSignatureIf you're already a Polished Geek client, then you are probably familiar with PandaDoc. We use it for sales quotes, services agreements, NDAs, hosting agreements, Technical Services Hours Account statements, Royalty Website Care Plan reports and more.

It's easy to use, flexible, and gives a legally binding audit trail of who has viewed and signed a document online with e-signatures. Give PandaDoc a try with a free 14 day trial.

WHMCS Hosting, Billing & Support Automation

WHMCS Hosting Automation SoftwareThroughout the years, our business has changed and matured at Polished Geek but one thing has been constant. We use and recommend WHMCS for any web company that needs automation of hosting services, billing and support, all in one system.

WHMCS includes domain registration, hosting management, one-off and subscription billing, simple project management and a robust ticket system, all developed to work together. Learn more about WHMCS.

LastPass Enterprise....

LastPass Enterprise - Password Security ManagerAre you still storing passwords in your browser? Or reusing the same memorable password on multiple websites?

Most people do, even though they know it's a really bad idea. But how in the world can you possibly be expected to remember unique, nonsensical, long, secure passwords that are different for every single website you use?

You can't, and that's why LastPass exists. LastPass is the best way to manage all your passwords, saving them in a secure password manager vault.

LastPass is one of the security tools we personally use everyday to serve our clients. Each of our employees gets a unique, strong password to every client site, which is stored privately in LastPass Enterprise. We don't share login accounts and we don't reuse passwords across client sites, ever.

RingCentral Voice Over IP Phone Service (VoIP)

RingCentral VoIP Affliliate Partner

Business can take you anywhere. Using a Voice over IP phone service gives you the freedom to move and expand your office anywhere in the world, and keep the same high quality communication service wherever your travels may lead.

We've used RingCentral Office since 2013 and are very pleased with the reliability and high quality of their service.

Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox ServiceReplace your business PO box with a full-service, online, secure mailbox.

Traveling Mailbox is ideal for business professionals who are tired of wasting time running to the post office. It also helps handle paper check payments that are too large for mobile deposit limits.

Virtual mailbox services let you manage your mail and paper check deposits from anywhere in the world, safely and securely. Traveling Mailbox helps Polished Geek ensure that our business continues to run smoothly, wherever our travels may take us.

Drip Marketing Automation

Drip Marketing Automation SoftwareDrip's tagline is "Lightweight Marketing Automation That Doesn't Suck" and how true that is. At Polished Geek we use a variety of tools for our marketing automation services, balancing your needs with the right tool for the job that also gives you ample room to grow. For many of our clients, Drip is a perfect balance between power features and cost, starting at just $1/month and scaling as your email list grows.

Drip helps you discover which leads are the most interested in your services, so you can send targeted emails and promotions to convert more site visitors into customers. Learn more about Drip.

BrowserStack Live Web-Based Browser Testing

BrowserStack Cross Browser TestingTesting your website ain't what it used to be. Now you have to test a crazy number of devices, screen resolutions, operations systems and mobile user experience vs. desktop. It's enough to make you cry every time you see the latest smartphone model announced.

Using BrowerStack makes cross-browser, cross-device testing something you might even look forward to (almost). Conduct live and automated testing, get screenshots and more. Give it a try at