Polished Geek enjoys being different when it comes to monday.com specialists.

It starts with something as simple as our name, and encompasses everything we do, for every client.

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Our team brings extensive software engineering and certified monday.com technical expertise - the Geek factor - and combines it with business process automation, project management and change management experience - the Polish.

Our founding executives built their careers working with multiple Fortune 500 companies and in consulting engagements with dozens of client industries, from all walks of life. They have instilled a culture of broad, big picture strategic thinking into every employee, no matter how technical their role or task may be on your particular project.

This means when you partner with Polished Geek, you gain access to a powerful mix of technical skills, enterprise knowledge and business experience simply not found in most certified monday Partner agencies.

You're tapping into a creative and powerful combination that bring your business goals and technical dreams to reality. Our background makes us uniquely suited for building out monday.com workflows where deep business acumen and technical knowledge are required for success.

As a boutique service agency, we realize we're not the right partner for every client, nor the right fit for every project. We take on a select number of clients and projects each month to ensure we can truly deliver a high-quality, high-touch experience for every client.

Here are a few ways to know if we're a good fit for each other:

You're an established business

Established business

You're a successful, profitable business already. It's just that you know, deep down, you can do better.

You aren't struggling to survive and aren't looking for someone to rescue you from ruin. There's no desperation in your reaching out to improve your marketing or CRO, only a eager willingness to move beyond where you are today and achieve much more for your business.

To be a good fit to work with us, you'll have been in business for a while and know your customers well. Even if you don't know how to express your ideal customer persona and can't clearly define your customer segments, you have the business maturity of a few years under your belt. You know (or at least think you know) why your customers choose you over the competition.

You have specific goals

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."   Lewis Carroll

Specific business goals

Truer words were never spoken, by Cheshire Cat or human.

You need to have a specific, realistic goals in mind in order for us to help you develop an effective strategy and plan to achieve them. Clients who are a good fit can articulate what they expect to achieve with their investment.

If you only have high level goals at first, and need help refining them to something specific, that's no problem. We enjoy digging in and helping you see where your business is performing well, and which areas, when improved, will deliver the best ROI. However, you do need to come into this partnership with more than a vague direction of help you "make more money."

You have (enough) time

You have a team with adequate time

You're seeking out a web agency because you don't have the time or resources in-house to go it alone. We get that. But it doesn't mean you'll be completely off the hook.

In order to be successful together, we have to work together. That means we'll need at least one point of contact at your business who has been given adequate time to work with our team as a subject matter expert.

We need someone who can answer questions, review submitted deliverables and provide valuable insight into business goals and priorities. They should have the authority to make decisions to keep the project moving forward, and/or have access to the right level of management to get roadblocks cleared away.

You're collaborative

Team collaboration

You want to work with a team that is candid and easy to talk to, professional without being stuffy. We most enjoy working with clients who are likewise upfront and candid in their dealings with us, and willing to collaborate to assure mutual success.

We believe it's important to respect each other's expertise. You know your business better than anyone else, and we are highly skilled professionals in the world of marketing automation and eCommerce web development. Our different backgrounds means sometimes we may disagree with each other on the best approach or solution to a particular problem.

We promise to listen openly and respectfully to your input, and trust that you'll do the same with us.

You're ready to invest

You have budget set aside

Maybe you've done some analysis on your own already, and know that your customer Average Lifetime Value, Average Order Value and Conversion Rate are sorely in need of improvement. (And if you don't know what these even mean, no worries. We can help uncover and measure them as a baseline early in the project.)

Whether you know these metrics for your business yet or not, it's vitally important that you realize one thing: Improving your bottom line in a meaningful, lasting way will take real investment.

We don't do band-aid solutions or half-hearted measures. If you're looking for cheap, one-off quick fixes made without attention to strategy or long term ROI, we're not the right agency for you.

You value boutique service

Boutique digital marketing agency

We don't just use the word "boutique" as a fancy-pants way to say "small."

Yes, we're a small agency, but when we say boutique service is what you'll receive, it means something tangible and real. You'll get enterprise-level service, with a personal touch.

We take the time to learn deeply about your business, your customers, your competitors and your industry first, to a level that mirrors your own employees. We take on a very select number of clients so we can commit fully to them.

If you value the difference of working with a boutique agency and crave high quality, high-touch service for your business, you'll find it here.

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Our Founders

Deb Cinkus, PMP

Founder & CEO
Deb Cinkus, Founder & CEO of Polished Geek

Founder & CEO

  • CEO & Principal Consultant
  • CXL Certified Optimizer (CRO)
  • Drip Certified Consultant
  • eCommerce Marketing Specialist

Donald Champion

Co-founder & CTO
Donald Champion, Co-founder & CTO at Polished Geek

Marketing Automation Geek

  • Chief Technology Officer 
  • PHP / MySQL Solution Architect
  • API Integration Expert
  • Drip Certified Marketing Automation Consultant

Deb Cinkus, CEO

Deb is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), business process consultant & eCommerce marketing expert. 

Her background includes several years leading multi-million dollar projects as a Director of Project Management at Fidelity Investments.

Deb has provided professional consulting services to major companies such as Sherwin-Williams, First Citizen's Bank, USAA, ABN AMRO, Chicago Board of Options Exchange, PacifiCorp, Banco Popular of Puerto Rico and DSW Designer Shoes.

Deb is available on Clarity as an industry expert consultant.


Polished (adjective) - [pol-isht]:

(1) a highly developed or refined state

(2) displaying the assurance that comes from broad experience

Synonyms - educated, refined, urbane 

Donald Champion, CTO

Donald is a highly experienced web application solution architect, full stack developer & marketing automation Geek.

His career background includes over a decade working in various software engineering divisions at IBM.

Donald has provided technical consulting services to leading companies such as Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan, Walmart, Sun Microsystems and QLogic (formerly NetXen).


Geek (noun) - [gēk]:

(1) a computer expert 

(2) knowledgeable and experienced, especially in a technological field

Synonyms - computer specialist, techie

Project Management Institute PMP Certfied Professional (PMI)

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