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Joomla Royalty Website Care Plans

Joomla Royalty Website Care Plans

Because you - and your business - deserve better than ordinary Joomla website maintenance.

Your website is your online castle, the worldwide home for your business and your brand.

Defend it. Improve it. Expand it. Together we can conquer the world.

Care Plans FAQ

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  • Can I customize my Kingdom or Empire plan to include more of what I need, and less of what I don't?

    Yes! VIP clients who sign up for Kingdom or Empire plans often have very specific needs. We realize that your business is unique and are happy to work with you to ensure your Royalty Care Plan provides maximum value for your business.


    (Sorry, but we do not customize Estate or Realm plans. The only change allowed to the two lower plans is removal of the Polished Geek shared hosting, for a $25 credit per month when you keep your own hosting.)

  • What if I request something that exceeds my Care Plan?

    We will always let you know if your Royalty Care Plan won't cover a particular request or if the time needed will exceed your care plan level. We never charge your account for additional time without your permission first.


    Many of our Royalty Care Plan clients also maintain a prepaid block of Technical Service hours on their account for this purpose. If you have some technical services hours available, we'll get your permission to proceed and charge the difference against that account.


    Whenever possible we will offer alternatives to you that avoid additional hourly charges (for example, a fixed price quote, or perhaps breaking up your request into phases so it better fits into your Royalty Care Plan coverage). We partner with you to come up with the best way to handle requests that exceed your plan coverage, while ensuring you will get maximum value from your care plan each and every month.

  • What is a Business Digital Strategy Workshop?

    The Digital Strategy workshops are hands-down our favorite part of working with Kingdom and Empire Royalty Care Plan clients. With a series of questionnaires and facilitated meetings over the course of the first few months on your plan, we focus on your business strategy, your customers, the competition and where your business wants to go in the future.


    Clients have told us that the Digital Strategy workshops are one of the most valuable benefits we offer. Strategy meetings help clients to take a big step back from the tactical aspects of their website and focus first on the "why". This deep evaluation of your business leads to solid plans for "what and how" your website can better serve your business goals and strategy.


    A mini-case study: During the course of several Business Digital Strategy workshop meetings, a client realized that they were not effectively onboarding new paid customers to their online application, which was leading to higher churn rates and lower customer satisfaction. Their training application lacked a clear path for new signups of how to best use the online training system of PDFs, videos and online coursework. This lead to a decision to add an online guided experience for new signups, plus implement structured emails that connect with newly enrolled paid customers at 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 month after they initially sign up. The strategy workshop discussions facilitated by Polished Geek directly led to identifying this gap in their business model and determining what solutions for their website would best address the problem.

  • What is eCommerce Usability Analysis?

    For eCommerce Usability Analysis, assuming there are no glaring problems easily observed in the store, we first conduct testing and user research over a period of 2 - 3 months. We gather data from thousands of user sessions, analyze drop off rates at each point in the checkout process, review click and scroll heatmaps from the store pages, and more. Once we have solid data of how your users are interacting with your existing store, we compile a set of written recommendations and present them during one of the Digital Strategy Meetings. The recommendations will be prioritized by potential impact on the store, and also by the investment required.


    In most cases, a number of the recommendations fit into your Royalty Care Plan, and we present to you our planned schedule for implementing them, pending your approval. Sometimes there are recommendations that go beyond a care plan. Those will be explained separately and you'll receive either a fixed price quote or an hourly estimate.


    Once several changes have been made to your eCommerce store, it's important to repeat the testing and user research to measure the results and determine the next round of changes. As your business changes - and as the internet and buyer behavior and expectations change over time - it's important to realize that to stay competitive, your eCommerce store should never be considered "done". Usability analysis is not a one-time event, but a continuous improvement approach.

Joomla Royalty Website Care Plans - Security, Support, Maintenance and Growth

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