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Are you still running your website on Joomla!® 2.5 or even 1.5?

You might be thinking that putting off that website upgrade is saving your money, but it's actually the opposite.

The longer you wait to upgrade, the higher your risk becomes for disasters like being hacked. And if you have an eCommerce site, this is literally a disaster waiting to happen for your business.

Virtually everything takes longer and is more difficult to do in Joomla 2.5 or 1.5 than the newer versions of Joomla. That translates to higher support costs whenever something goes wrong on your site (assuming you can find a Joomla web developer who will work on out of date sites).

And sooner or later, new browser versions will come out that don't render your site well enough for your customers to use it, making your older Joomla site look like the dinosaur that it is (and making your business look bad too.)


Still not convinced?

Here are a few more reasons to upgrade:

Security - Joomla 2.5 was declared end-of-life in December of 2014, and Joomla 1.5 became unsupported after September 2012. Security updates are no longer provided by for any version of Joomla older than 3.x, meaning with every month that goes by, your site becomes a more attractive target for hackers. And if you want the safety and security of two-factor authentication, which is strongly recommended by internet security experts, that's only available natively in the Joomla 3.x series.

Modern Features - The latest Joomla extensions are all being written for 3.x. If you want to improve your site and stay fresh, you will need to upgrade.

Mobile and Responsive Design - In 2015, the trends predict that more people will access the web from smartphones and tablets than desktops and laptops. In April of 2015, Google began including mobile responsiveness when ranking websites in search results. Did you know that if your site isn't mobile friendly, it might not even show up in the search page for Google on phones and tablets? Joomla 3.x has responsive design built right in, and is mobile-friendly (and Google-friendly) out of the box. Not so with Joomla 2.5 or 1.5.

Availability - Joomla 1.5 extensions have all but disappeared from the web, and the Joomla 2.5 extensions are on their way out as well. Most extension vendors no longer support their older extensions, and many have removed the downloads from their websites entirely. This means if you have a technical problem with your site and need a clean copy of a 3rd party extension that was used to build your site several years ago, you're probably out of luck.

Support - In order to stay current with the ever changing web, developers have moved away from older versions of Joomla and devote their energy into mastering Joomla 3.x. It is becoming harder and harder over time to get someone to help you with an older Joomla website problem when you need it.

Resistance is Futile - At a certain point, you will be forced to upgrade by your hosting company or told to go elsewhere. Once security vulnerabilities of an unmaintained website become too great a risk, your hosting will force you to move forward. It's what any responsible hoster will do to protect the other clients on the same server who don't pose such a serious security risk. And the time they pick to tell you to move your site will almost certainly not be convenient for you. In fact, life being what it is, you will most likely be told to do this at a horrible time, like two days before you go on vacation.

Site Speed - Older Joomla sites simply can't run on today's PHP and MySQL versions, which deliver significant speed improvements over older platforms. Studies show that the slower your site, the higher your bounce rate and lower your page views. In addition, Google ranks slower sites lower in organic search results. A slower website costs you business, probably more than your realize because those prospective customers simply leave, and never come back.


Hesitating to upgrade, because you have custom components, modules or extensions that need upgrading too?

No problem, we can handle those. Polished Geek develops custom Joomla extensions all the time, so our team can upgrade any Joomla extension you may be using.

Polished Geek has been around since February 2009 (and a few of us here have been doing Joomla even longer than that). So we have years of experience helping clients just like you to upgrade their sites to more modern versions. We've done many 1.0, 1.5 and 2.5 upgrades to  Joomla 3.x.

Even if you have a lot of data in your existing eCommerce or social networking site, we can migrate everything to the new version so you don't have to leave behind any valuable information or customer history.

To help reduce costs and speed up delivery of your upgraded site, if you prefer we'll take your existing website design and use it as a guide for a new responsive template that looks a lot like your current site, only better.

Or, we can work with a designer to develop a completely fresh web design and layout as part of the overall upgrade project. It's up to you.


How much does it cost to upgrade?

Well, that's kind of like asking how much it will cost to remodel a home. A lot depends on the condition of the home as it stands today, and how far you want to go with the remodeling.

But in general, simple website upgrades for smaller Joomla 1.5 or 2.5 to the most current Joomla 3.x with a responsive design, mobile friendly template will cost between $1900 - $5000 USD.

Larger more complex Joomla sites, eCommerce sites, sites with custom extensions or a lot of 3rd party extensions, or those with very high volumes of data that must be moved programmatically to the new site may cost upwards of $8000 - $12000 USD, without redesign.

If a client desires a full redesign of their larger project as part of an upgrade, this becomes a significantly larger project and may cost anywhere from $12000 - $20000 and up.


Our advice? Make a plan to upgrade, and make it happen.

Control your own destiny and choose to upgrade now, instead of waiting for it to be forced upon you.