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Need help maintaining your Joomla!® website?

Polished Geek provides a variety of services as part of our Royalty Website Care Plans to help you solve website problems and keep your Joomla site running great. 


We offer services to:

  • Update any content on your site
  • Install and configure new Joomla extensions
  • Provide individual Joomla administrator training via live virtual meetings and webinar
  • Take over where your previous developer left off
  • Temporarily fill in for your Joomla technical support while you replace IT staff
  • Fix broken extensions
  • Resolve extension and template conflicts
  • Fix content that is "misbehaving" and not displaying on the frontend as you intend
  • Provide JomSocial community management services (moderation, curation of content, user support)
  • Help you migrate to a new extension or approach that better suits your needs. For example, if your previous developer hard coded a Flash based slideshow on your homepage, we can help you move to a Joomla module extension that will be much easier for you to maintain on your own.
  • Provide knowledgeable Joomla consulting. For example, we can research and make recommendations for extensions based on your exact requirements , to help you decide which one is right for your situation
  • Provide site performance reviews and Joomla hosting recommendations
  • Audit the security of your website and provide proactive security services
  • Handle pretty much anything you need for an existing Joomla website!


Like a Joomla ninja warrior, we can handle any problematic issue on your Joomla website.

In most cases we will stealthily work on your live site without disrupting your business, or we can utilize a staged development environment for additional control and flexibility.

Our Joomla developers can assist you with virtually any Joomla maintenance task, plus killing bugs, eliminating code conflicts, improving functionality, tightening security, adding new features and lots, lots more.


Ready to bring in the Joomla experts to help manage and maintain your Joomla website?