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Have an existing Joomla!® site, and need a professional to help manage and maintain it?

Polished Geek has been maintaining and supporting Joomla sites since early 2009.

Consider letting us take those technical tasks off your plate that you would rather not be bothered with.


Even a user friendly CMS like Joomla takes some investment of time to learn how to properly troubleshoot and maintain, let alone learn how to do anything new. While you probably can handle many of these tasks on your you really want to?

Let Polished Geek take on any Joomla website support and ongoing maintenance you need help with, from the tedious to the technical.

Free up your time for more important things, like running your business and helping your customers. Not worrying about your Joomla website.

Like a Joomla ninja warrior, we'll fight through any difficult Joomla problems you may have, and make life easier for you.


We can handle:


Want professional assistance with your Joomla website?