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Bluefin Payment Plugin for HikaShopOn occasion after custom developing a solution for a client, we release it to the public as an open source extension if the client approves. Below is a description of the Bluefin and HikaShop offsite payment processing plugin created for one of our clients.

If you need a payment plugin for any Joomla!® shopping cart, need to expand an existing plugin with additional features, or would like help improving the functionality of your Joomla eCommerce store, we'd love to hear from you.  Contact us for a quote.


Description of existing plugin:

  • Compatible with HikaShop Starter, Essential and Business editions
  • QA tested with HikaShop v2.x on Joomla 2.5 and 3.0
  • Quick and easy installation, like any other Joomla plugin
  • Configure just like any other HikaShop payment plugin
  • Sandbox mode for testing & development environments
  • v1.0 released April 2013



  • Optional support for Address Verification via Bluefin
  • Optional support for FraudFirewall via Bluefin
  • Supports optional CCV code field required during checkout
  • Sandbox mode for testing
  • Currently supports USD and EUR currencies, other currencies available upon request
  • Choose a custom return page URL, or leave blank for default HikaShop thank you page
  • Offer Bluefin payment method for all or selected shipping methods
  • Add payment processing fee amount or %
  • Restrict this payment method to specific zones or allow for all geographic areas


The Fine Print:

  • Risk free 14 day full refund Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 6 month support and upgrade subscription (support provide for one domain)
  • Use it on unlimited domains, forever
  • 100% open source, GPL licensed
  • Small one time payment of $64 USD