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We handle payment plugins and payment integration projects of all kinds for Joomla!®.

Payment integration projects include:

  • Joomla shopping cart payment plugins for inline credit card processing. This is when the customer enters the credit card information directly on your website, and your Joomla site communicates securely with the merchant gateway for approval (for example, our USAePay plugin)
  • Offsite credit card processing plugins, where the customer temporarily leaves your site to make payment directly on the secure merchant gateway, then returns to your site when payment is complete. This process is similar to how PayPal Standard integration works. (Example plugins we've build that function like this are Bluefin and two DHD Media plugins)
  • Payment plugins for subscription or membership components, like PayPlans, Akeeba subs, OSE Membership and others
  • Payment plugins for CiviCRM for donations and membership dues
  • Payment integrations for event registration components
  • Payment plugins for directory components
  • Payment integration for Joomla Content Contruction Kits (CCKs), including Zoo, Seblod and more
  • Payment integration with any type of external application or service that supports a payment API


How much does a Joomla payment plugin cost?

Unfortunately, payment plugins often cost more than people expect. This is because payment plugins are a high risk and often tedious piece of software to build and test, since they involve financial transactions. We've found that many merchant processors have poor API documentation to guide development and limited sandbox testing environments, which only adds to the time required for testing.

Therefore, you should be prepared to pay anywhere from $2500 to $4500 USD for someone to build a payment plugin from scratch. It can be slightly less expensive if an open source plugin is already available for another shopping cart that can be modified to work with your chosen cart.

If you are thinking, "OMG that's way too much for a plugin, I'll just hire someone off Upwork who will do it cheaper," please do think long and hard about that first. Payment plugins are critical software that will handle all of your customers' personally identifiable information and credit card numbers. It's the heart of your checkout process, and they must meet certain security standards or you risk losing your merchant credit card account privileges if you are ever hacked. It can be devastating to your business if your customers' information is exposed through poor software development.

Payment plugins are high risk jobs best left to eCommerce professionals who truly understand web security and PCI compliance. Payment integrations are not projects you should give to amateurs just to save a few hundred dollars. Your business and your customers depend on it.


Many of our clients have lots of questions about eCommerce payment plugins, PCI compliance and merchant gateway processing. We're happy to help answer your questions so you can feel more confident about selling on the web!

HikaShop Bluefin Payment Plugin

HikaShop Bluefin Payment Plugin Add offsite credit card processing to your Joomla eCommerce store. Of course it's 100% open source, so you can modify as needed.

HikaShop USAePay Payment Plugin

Hikashop USAePay Payment PluginWe developed a custom inline credit card processing payment plugin for USAePay and all HikaShop versions running on Joomla 2.5. Completely open source, so you can modify as needed.