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Are you a Joomla!® eCommerce store owner and want to reach more customers online?

Would you like to have an eCommerce site AND an eBay store, but simply don't have time to manage two sets of products and inventory?

JoomLister - eBay listing application for Joomla


Polished Geek's Joomla eBay integration service with JoomLister finally makes it possible to sell more and work less. Our integration can automatically synchronize your Joomla eCommerce products and inventory with eBay. Our solution will automatically list, restock, update and end your Joomla eCommerce store items on eBay, without tedious or time consuming duplicate data entry.

We can automate your product catalog updates across both Joomla and eBay for you, freeing your time up for more important things - like managing your business and serving your customers.

By listing your products on eBay, you increase the odds of your products placing higher in Google search rankings, improving SEO. As one of the largest and most well established e-commerce sites, listings often place well organically in Google search. Customers who find you through listings on are very likely to visit your main website, increasing your Joomla website traffic and potential sales there too.


Expand your Market Reach

  • Double your sales channels
  • Reach more customers by selling on both your website and eBay, where millions shop across the world
  • Once you have an active eBay Store, you can even take advantage of additional sales and marketing tools afforded by eBay. Reach even more customers through eBay Mobile, Facebook integration and more
  • Increase product visibility and Google ranking with eBay listings
  • Retain your business branding - customize the look of your eBay items without changing how products look on your website


Reduce your workload

  • Save hours and hours of tedious administrative time each month
  • Configure JoomLister, map your products by category to eBay, and new product additions will automatically be picked up. No extra work!


Improve customer service & reduce errors

  • Reduce stock-outs (and the resulting customer disappointment)
  • keep inventory in sync


JoomLister is an eBay certified compatible listing applicationCertified eBay compatible

JoomLister is the only native Joomla eBay product listing component extension available that is also certified as compatible by eBay. It's not a export/import tool, but rather a fully automated Joomla eBay lister solution that once configured, simply runs and keeps your Joomla eCommerce products in sync, automatically.

It's a powerful database to database integration that leverages the power of the eBay API.

In no time, you'll be maintaining all of your product information in just one online store, and enjoying sales in both!


How to Get Started

JoomLister is sold exclusively as a part of a Polished Geek eBay integration service project. Depending on your Joomla shopping cart and Joomla version, product catalog and eBay store requirements, the price for this service begins at $3689 USD and goes up from there.

We can handle projects from basic implementations, where Polished Geek does all of the end-to-end configuration and testing of the eBay integration, then trains you and your staff to add additional products and categories to the listings, to fully turnkey implementations where you sit back and relax while our staff does all the work.

Polished Geek can help you figure out the best type of integration project for your situation with a free estimate.


JoomLister: Sell more. Work less.