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Which direction should you go with your eCommerce project?When it comes to Joomla!® eCommerce web development, hire the experts!

Whether you need a custom plugin developed, an existing extension improved, custom integration with an external application, Polished Geek can handle it for your eCommerce site.


Work with the company that really knows your Joomla shopping cart.

Specializing in Joomla eCommerce projects since we launched in 2009, Polished Geek has years of experience with the full range of Joomla shopping cart software. We stay current on the development for all major carts, even actively presenting in the Joomla user community and at major conferences about the pros and cons of each.

This means you get the benefit of working with a company that knows the benefits and pitfalls of each type of Joomla eCommerce software. We provide insights and advice you won't get from just any Joomla web development company


Choose a web developer who knows more than how to just spell PCI.

If your eCommerce web developer doesn't know PCI, your business can be at serious risk. So what's PCI compliance? It refers to the Payment Card Industry set of security standards that all merchants who accept major credit cards must follow. If you don't adhere to the standards, your eCommerce site is a more attractive and vulnerable target for hackers. Even worse, if you are hacked, you will face fines and penalties, plus negative impact on your business reputation when your customer's sensitive credit card data is exposed or stolen.

Hiring a web developer who knows about PCI compliance is vital if you plan to accept credit cards on your website. Polished Geek can help you understand how PCI compliance affects your business and your website.


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