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If you need it built for Joomla!®, look no further.

Polished Geek has been custom developing high quality solutions, components, modules and plugins for Joomla since the v1.0 days. Our team has the expertise and experience to build what you need, and build it right.


We do custom Joomla web development for:

  • Joomla e-Commerce of any kind (shopping carts, membership components, event registration systems and more)
  • Integration of multiple 3rd party extensions by other vendors
  • API integrations with solutions, systems and applications outside of Joomla
  • Custom work for JomSocial, CiviCRM, JoomlaLMS and more
  • Bespoke Joomla extensions
  • eBay certified integration via JoomLister
  • And pretty much any other Joomla web development project you can think of!


Ready to hire a Joomla expert to help bring your vision to reality for your Joomla website?



Why choose Polished Geek for your next custom Joomla development project?

  1. We're staffed with professional, experienced PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS and HTML developers.
  2. On average, our technical staff has over 6 years of experience developing exclusively for Joomla CMS.
  3. Joomla is our go-to, favorite CMS. That lets our team continually deepen our expertise in Joomla, project after project, client after client. We stay informed and in the know about all things Joomla!
  4. We utilize enterprise-level project management and Quality Assurance testing tools and processes to manage your project. You want software that works and does what it's supposed to do. Using professional tools and following best practices help us deliver a higher quality solution for every client.
  5. We get the job done when no one else can! A large part of our work each month is rescuing sites and projects that have not been able to be finished by other prior developers, for various reasons. If your previous developer has quit on you, or says it can't be done, call us!
  6. We work well with others. If you have a separate web designer you would like us to work with for design and graphics, we're game for that! In fact, the majority of our work is performed for other Joomla web development and web design companies, where we operate under a white label arrangement. If you're a web design freelancer or agency that needs to extend your development capabilities, we're a great fit for that.


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