Tools iconPolished Geek uses only enterprise-level, professional applications, tools and solutions to deliver our services and support our business.

Here are a few of the ones we heartily recommend. Check them out - and tell them Polished Geek sent you!

In the spirit of full disclosure, several of the listings below do include affiliate links. This means that Polished Geek LLC may get a small commission if you decide to purchase from one of our affiliated partner companies.
We only recommend products & systems that we use and love ourselves, and trust with our own business. If you purchase any of these, we promise you'll be in good hands. A Project, Task & Work Management System A Project, Task & Work Management System

Start looking forward to Monday! is an amazingly flexible way to organize everything about your business. It can be used to manage projects and tasks, organization workflows, service requests, and much more.

Our team at Polished Geek has been using for a few years now, and we love the power and ease of managing both internal and client projects.

Monday Automations GIF

We've built custom project boards for everything from tracking presales to website support requests, from conversion rate optimization brainstorming sessions to developing standard operating procedures and marketing campaign checklists.

And best of all, setting up custom automations in Monday is a breeze.

Want to know more about We'd love to chat about how it can help your business, let's talk.

Book Like a Boss Online Calendar Appointment Scheduling

Book Like a Boss Online Scheduling SoftwareBook Like a Boss Online Scheduling ToolStop wasting energy and time with emails back and forth just to figure out a day and time to meet. Publish your availability online easily and professionally for customers, prospects and partners with Book Like a Boss.

Forget Calendly and TimeTrade, only Book Like a Boss gives you a truly professional and customizable personal landing page for your calendar. You can display custom links, business information, a FAQ section, and more. Define custom services and appointment types that require payment, and let customers pay as part of the booking process.

We use Book Like a Boss every day to schedule consulting and digital strategy meetings for our clients. This tool is one of our top recommended services to help you better manage your business online.

LastPass Enterprise....

LastPass Enterprise - Password Security ManagerAre you still storing passwords in your browser? Or reusing the same memorable password on multiple websites?

Most people do, even though they know it's a really bad idea. But how in the world can you possibly be expected to remember unique, nonsensical, long, secure passwords that are different for every single website you use?

You can't, and that's why LastPass exists. LastPass is the best way to manage all your passwords, saving them in a secure password manager vault.

LastPass is one of the security tools we personally use everyday to serve our clients. Each of our employees gets a unique, strong password to every client site, which is stored privately in LastPass Enterprise. We don't share login accounts and we don't reuse passwords across client sites, ever.

RingCentral Voice Over IP Phone Service (VoIP)

RingCentral VoIP Affliliate Partner

Business can take you anywhere. Using a Voice over IP phone service gives you the freedom to move and expand your office anywhere in the world, and keep the same high quality communication service wherever your travels may lead.

We've used RingCentral Office since 2013 and are very pleased with the reliability and high quality of their service.

BrowserStack Live Web-Based Browser Testing

BrowserStack Cross Browser TestingTesting your website ain't what it used to be. Now you have to test a crazy number of devices, screen resolutions, operations systems and mobile user experience vs. desktop. It's enough to make you cry every time you see the latest smartphone model announced.

Using BrowerStack makes cross-browser, cross-device testing something you might even look forward to (almost). Conduct live and automated testing, get screenshots and more. Give it a try at

Unless Website Personalization

Unless Website Personalization

If you're a smaller business with a limited budget and simpler needs, Unless is a good choice to begin personalizing your website. Market segmentation is easy and automatic, with precise targeting options available, even down to individual customers on a 1:1 basis, if you so wish.

With Unless, you can target your visitors with a personalized page, adjusting images, content and style without needing any coding skills. The WYSIWYG editor is easy, letting you try out new ideas without calling in a tech swat team every time. Built-in analytics work with your Google Analytics data to let you measure and adjust your personalization strategy based on real results.

Drip Marketing Automation

Drip ECRM Marketing Automation PlatformDrip's tagline is "Lightweight Marketing Automation That Doesn't Suck" and how true that is. At Polished Geek we use a variety of tools for our marketing automation services, balancing your needs with the right tool for the job that also gives you ample room to grow. For many of our clients, Drip is a perfect balance between power features and cost, starting with a free plan and scaling as your business grows.

Drip Certified ConsultantBoth of our company founders are Drip Certified Consultants, which means you can rely upon our team to help you achieve the most value out of Drip. Check out our official listings on the Leadpages & Drip Certified Consultants Directory: Deb Cinkus and Donald Champion

Drip helps you discover which leads are the most interested in your services, so you can send targeted emails and promotions to convert more site visitors into customers. Learn more about Drip.

Mautic Marketing Automation & Inbound Marketing Solution

Mautic marketing automation for Joomla websites - Mautic Joomla customizationWith Mautic, your website can become a powerful, automated machine. While Mautic is open source and relatively easy to use, to get the most out of any marketing automation tool requires a careful evaluation of your website by an expert.

Analysis of your business goals and planning out strategically how Mautic can fit into and expand your marketing effort will help you reach more customers with less work. Let's talk about your marketing automation project and see if Mautic is right for you.