Integrate every part of your eCommerce business

with workflow management software tailored just for you.

Automate and streamline business processes for every department. Create custom workflows perfectly crafted for the way your team wants to work. All in one powerful, flexible no-code platform.

It takes much more to run a successful eCommerce business than just a Shopify website. Our experts help store owners manage every aspect of their eCommerce operations, from inventory to team collaboration, all in one convenient place:

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Boost your bottom line with order management & operations software that works beautifully with Shopify.


Together, we tune to fit your unique eCommerce business needs. Whether you want to better manage product returns, customer inquiries, new product development projects or marketing campaigns, you can manage it all with

Our expert consultants work with you to set up automations for time-consuming tasks, design streamlined workflow processes and create a productive workspace for support, distribution, and marketing teams to collaborate.

Getting your eCommerce operations organized in one easy to use system results in faster order management, a happier team and more satisfied customers.

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If you’re worried about:
  • Increasing pressure causing mistakes
  • A lack of visibility on important metrics
  • Team members not communicating effectively
  • Delays in order fulfillment driving down sales
  • Losing customers over slow response times
  • Poor inventory management impacting sales
  • Slow product development timelines
We can help!

You know there's a better way to manage everything else outside of Shopify than messy spreadsheets, sticky notes and silo'd tools.

Together, we can design and automate your business processes in, tuned to the way you and your team want to work.

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Transform your eCommerce operations with

In addition to Shopify, also connects to the software you already use for email marketing, customer messaging, and advertising. Access everything you need, all in one place.

Seamless Integration Integrations
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Turn your backoffice into a smooth running machine with workflow management


Using’s no-code building blocks, we custom design operations management software that goes far beyond what Shopify can do. Whether you need low-stock alerts, customized order updates, or powerful warehouse workflows, we can design the digital processes your business needs to function like clockwork.

Our expert consultants configure the platform to support your business from procurement to fulfillment, allowing you to see everything that’s happening with your business, anytime, from one place. When you work with Polished Geek as your consulting partner, you can relax knowing everything is set up correctly and ready to work its magic for your eCommerce business.

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Transform visitors into loyal customers with CRM software.

Using’s CRM, we custom-design operations management software that goes far beyond what Shopify and WooCommerce can do. Whether you need low-stock alerts, customized order updates, or warehouse workflows, we can design the digital processes your business needs to function like clockwork.

Our consultants configure’s software to support your business from procurement to fulfillment, allowing you to see everything that’s happening with your business, anytime, from a single dashboard. This means you can focus on running your business, knowing everything is set up correctly and is ready to work it’s magic.

- Simplified Support

Pull customer queries from social media, Google reviews, and your email into a single dashboard, then set reminders for your staff to respond (or even better, set up automated responses).

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Rapid Returns

Streamline your returns and refunds process to make sure customers don’t slip through the cracks. Get notified when returns are submitted, refunds are processed, and automate confirmation emails to your customers with ease.

Intelligent Inventory

Oversee, manage, and streamline your entire supply chain from ordering materials, to manufacturing products, and item returns. This helps you keep cash flow, stock, and fulfillment in check.

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Amazing Alerts

Set up custom alerts to notify you if stock levels are running low, so you can forecast inventory needs. Be automatically updated on important task deadlines, upcoming meetings, and customer inquiries.

Transformed Teams

Improve communication between warehouse, marketing, and support staff to keep them on track with assigned tasks. Easily check and respond to their progress from’s robust interface.

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Faster Fulfillment

We optimize fulfillment processes for your eCommerce business by helping you to predict inventory bottlenecks, maintain visibility on shipments, and communicate with warehouse and production teams.

Amplified Analytics

Track customer activity, product sales, and overall business performance at a glance with easy-to-understand visual metrics and reports. Apply different filters to identify high-performing products or spot operational issues.

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Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own. Together, we can design a better way of working.

Choosing & Polished Geek means

Streamlined Sales
More Time

We custom build your business process workflows to drive efficiency and automation in every area of your eCommerce business.

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Less Stress

Better visibility into your Shopify business helps you manage cash flow, forecast product demand, and track your order fulfillment with ease and automation.

Loyal Customers
More Success

Your customers keep coming back for more, as they enjoy better customer support, accurate shipping updates and receive products on time.

Optimize all of your eCommerce operations with workflow management built just for you.

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Go from chaos to collaboration in 4 simple steps

We take the time to understand exactly how your eCommerce business functions and design a monday․com solution that speeds up your workflow, automates repetitive tasks, and cuts costs. Follow these simple steps and get ready for a more productive way of working.


Book a consultation with one of our amazing monday․com specialists.


We interview you and your team to identify key issues and gain a deep insight into how you work.


Together we'll craft an online workspace that boosts efficiency from all angles and train your team as we go.


Enjoy more free time, happier staff, and larger profits for your eCommerce business.

Our eCommerce clients experience on average
Less wasted time in meetings
Faster turnaround on customer inquiries
Reduction in time to market

Keep everyone on track with custom order and operational process management.

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