Website personalization works because it meets visitors' needs quickly and with little effort on their part.

As consumers increasingly come in contact with personalized websites — for example, Amazon or Netflix with their personalized suggestions — they become less satisfied with the one-size-fits-all website.

In fact, almost 80% of consumers say they won't even consider a special offer from a brand if it isn't personalized in some way.

Website personalization interacts hand-in-hand with marketing automation. By aggregating data about your customers, filtering that data, and creating the right algorithms, you can tailor content aimed precisely at your visitors.

To start, data that's helpful includes basic demographic data, geo-location, the device the customer is using, and any psychographic data regarding interests, likes, preferences and habits. But to go beyond the basics, contextual data is key.

For example:

  • How has the customer interacted with your site in the past?
  • What products or categories of products did they buy previously?
  • What's the context in which the visitor is viewing your content?
  • Where were they before they reached your site?
  • Do we have any information already about them in our email marketing platform (Drip, Keap by Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, HubSpot, Marketo, ONTRAPORT, etc.)?

You can also learn a lot from visitor behavior when they're surfing around your website. If they click on pricing information, they may be getting ready to buy. You can personalize other content on the site based on this data, helping make that strong purchase interest a reality.

If they've arrived from a search engine advertisement, you can use the keywords of that ad to personalize the content you display.

All this information helps you to customize how your site behaves, presenting your business in its best light to each and every customer.

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