Data-Driven B2B Marketing Automation

Seeing your success metrics clearly, with access to data on the individual level, lets you tie sales and marketing together.

This tight alignment results in 36% higher customer retention for B2B companies using marketing automation compared to those who don't.

As soon as your client registers on your platform, you probably know a lot more about them than if you were selling to consumers. You know their industry, their company, often their location, maybe even the individual's position in the company.

And that's only the beginning. 

Marketing Automation Data iconWhat Can You Do With All That Data?

The more you know about your customers, the more powerful your marketing and sales automation can become.

For example, it can target pricing on a customer-by-customer or account-by-account basis, using the information from your unique contracts with each customer. That means your clients always see the right price and don't have to waste time calling a sales agent.

You can also track the products each client orders on a regular basis. With this data, you're in a great position to suggest related products or even build an individualized catalog for each client.

You can even offer quick ordering based on previous orders, with personalized order templates awaiting your client as soon as they click to your site.

Customer loyalty and repeat purchases increase when you make it simple, quick and easy to do business with you.

Planning your B2B marketing automation campaign isn't like marketing to consumers. Whether you've planted your flag in the fashion, automotive, construction or electronics industry, you're reaching out to customers and clients who know what they want. The sophistication of your campaign must reflect that.

Take a look at a few best practices for B2B marketing automation campaigns:

  • Just the Facts. Your B2B buyers may know your industry as well as you do, and they know very precisely what problems they need to solve. Forget about flashy marketing copy as you prepare content for email marketing campaigns or your online catalog. Show off your research, and focus on telling your buyers what they need to know. With marketing automation, you can take advantage of market segmentation easily, targeting your messages directly to your clients, which improves your efficiency, helps your messages land more effectively, and strengthens your position. Marketing automation makes it easy to communicate your industry expertise and authority in a consistent, automatic way. 
  • Keep Onboarding Simple. Your B2B customers may have fewer qualms about providing information as they initiate a relationship with your business. But don't go overboard by asking them to fill out long questionnaires at the start of the process. Keep it simple to draw in a larger number of prospective customers. You have plenty of time to gather data later, in a series of emails and short questionnaires that obtain information in an unobtrusive, gradual way.
  • Look for Product Extension Opportunities. B2B customers are more likely to check out your products and services if you provide entry level offers or starter sets at attractive price points. From there, offer product extensions or the efficiency of simple contract renewals that cement customer loyalty.
  • Automate Both Personalization and Fulfillment. B2B buyers are coming to expect the same level of personalization that the B2C customer experience already provides. Your marketing automation platform is key to pulling this off, and it lets your staff stay focused on their real work. Automated marketing and content delivery can also complement your fulfillment processes, from payment and shipping documentation, to cancellations, customer service and returns. The more you integrate automation into your processes, the simpler they become, freeing up your employees to get more productive work done and provide more personalized customer support.
  • Make Smart Use of Drip Marketing. Standard newsletter email services just blast out emails in bulk, often without paying attention to the response. Not so with an email drip campaign. In a drip email marketing campaign, automated messages go out to potential customers and subscribers in response to the subscriber's behavior. The results? Drip email campaigns generate three times the standard click-through rate, generating up to 80% more sales. Because they're automated, you never have to worry that you've forgotten something, and your marketing efforts keep rolling forward even when other work demands pile up. You also get the data you need to understand which of your marketing strategies are working best, helping you make better marketing investment decisions in the future.

Our B2B Marketing Automation Tools of Choice 

Although our preferred eCommerce platforms for B2B are Slatwall, HikaShop (for Joomla), Shopify and WooCommerce (for WordPress), our recommended marketing tools can all be custom integrated with any eCommerce or ERP system you choose. 

Drip Certified Consultant - Polished Geek

Drip is smart marketing software that tracks onsite conversions and products purchased to give you the data you need to plan future marketing. Drip is the leading marketing automation platform for eCommerce, the world's first "ECRM" platform. It includes extremely powerful built-in functionality that makes it a true powerhouse for Shopify stores.

Depending on your business needs, we can integrate Drip with other operational systems to ensure your eCommerce website and offline sales processes work together seamlessly.

RightMessage Certified Partner

RightMessage. If you are a manufacturer or distributor that sells to multiple industries, adapting your website to better cater to their specific industry jargon and pain points can greatly increase conversions. Your prospective customers want to know that they've come to the right place when they visit your website. RightMessage lets you communicate that in a highly personalized way. 

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