Marketing automation isn't just a buzzword to describe a few quick and easy marketing techniques.

It doesn't mean things like setting up automatic boosting of posts on Facebook or scheduling your social media on Hootsuite.

What marketing automation actually means is this:

Your business should have efficient, automatic, consistent, yet personalized marketing communications at every stage of the sales funnel, leading to more sales and a better bottom line.

Businesses that automate their marketing significantly outperform those that don't. If you're in the "don't" column, read on to learn why you should reconsider your approach to marketing.

Marketing Automation Machine

Why Marketing Automation is a Must

There's a constant push-pull relationship involved between your business and your customers. In an ideal world, you could give each customer your undivided attention.

But as your B2C or B2B business grows, you simply don't have the staff to provide that kind of personalized focus. Fortunately, marketing automation can close that gap.

Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive: How can automation provide personalization?

Through the right combination of software tools and content strategy.

Marketing automation streamlines your marketing tasks, all while measuring the results of each contact with your customers, so you can keep improving your sales strategy, month by month, based on what works.

Through the use of marketing automation, your marketing team can be more focused and productive, while you increase your revenue.

It turns tasks that might once have been tedious into a seamless part of your workflow, and it releases your talented employees to handle other things where they can put their skills to work more profitably.


Here are just a few of the many ways marketing automation can help your business grow and thrive:

  • Sales funnels that adapt in real time to customer behavior
  • Marketing emails (including abandoned cart emails, drip email marketing campaigns, promotional campaigns & more)
  • Cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • Market segmentation
  • Upselling
  • Personalization of landing pages and other website pages
  • Customer retention
  • Lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing
  • Customer onboarding
  • Post-purchase follow up to increase customer satisfaction
  • Post-purchase outreach to increase repeat sales
  • Measurement of ROI and other analytics
  • Integration of website usage and behavior with your CRM
  • Automate back office business processes

Don't be left behind.

Your competitors may already be taking advantage of these automated processes to boost their own bottom lines. With increased reliance on social media marketing and the way channels keep changing, if you don't have a marketing automation solution that's responsive, flexible, and scalable, you could be left in the dust.


Marketing Automation + Personalization = Sales

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is far more than a convenience or a labor-saving tool.

When you use it to personalize the customer experience, you don't just give your customers and clients the products and services they're looking for most.

You also give them convenience and the personal touch that cements brand loyalty.

Show your customers that you understand their busy lives. That you care about what they care about.

By personalizing your landing pages or an email, marketing automation makes a true connection that adds value. 

It builds bridges of communications and lets your customers know that you truly want to meet their needs.

And when you do that, visitors and leads can become customers for life.


Analyzing and Improving Your Marketing Automation (and Sales)

Your eCommerce platform provides you with some good tools to understand your customer base. But it can't tell you everything you need to know.

It can't tell you the type of information you can learn through marketing automation. Once fully implemented, marketing automation systems can take you along the entire customer journey each visitor to your site has traveled.

You may already know what they're reading on your website, what they're lingering over, what they're clicking on, what they're putting in their cart. But now you'll also be able to see clearly what  specific content is bringing about conversions, how different types of people are responding to your content, and when it's time to make adjustments to your sales funnel.

Customer Journey Analysis

Once you better understand your customer journey, marketing automation strategy helps you pinpoint the behaviors and trends of customers who are of greatest value to your company.

With the data you receive and analyze from your marketing automation, you're in an excellent position to segment your customer base. Then we determine which stage of the funnel a customer is in and how ready they are for different kinds of marketing campaigns.

And all of this happens automagically, 24/7/365, without precious time being wasted by you or your staff.

Marketing automation helps create dynamic marketing campaigns with a higher ROI payoff, nuturing your leads in ways that produces real results.

Tools and Services to Boost Your Marketing Automation

Some eCommerce platforms have a variety of integrated plugins and apps to help you set up automated marketing without custom development. For example, if you already have a WooCommerce or Shopify eCommerce store, there are many to pick from that don't require the expense and overhead of a custom developed solution. 

Remember though, that buying and installing a tool isn't a marketing strategy.

That's like going into Home Depot to buy a hammer, saw and nails, then assuming you'll be able to build a table with the same quality and sturdiness as a highly trained and experienced carpenter. 

Sadly, it doesn't work that way. 


At Polished Geek, we're experienced with many of the leading tools in the marketing automation marketplace. The ones featured below have been used to great success for our clients.

When you chose us as your digital marketing agency, we'll help you select the right marketing systems for your business needs and integration with your eCommerce platform and other systems. We'll help you find the right solution to take advantage of the marketing features you need most to build customer loyalty and increase conversions.

Among our top marketing automation choices, we work with and highly recommend the following:


Drip Certified Consultant - Polished Geek

Drip, the world's only eCommerce specialized CRM. No more guessing or marketing by trial and error.

This smart marketing tool provides the data you need by tracking conversions and purchases, then rating the value of your individual customers so you can plan future marketing campaigns. The ability to target customers individually or by segment lets you direct your efforts toward what's profitable, and away from what's not. Drip is particularly well suited for B2C eCommerce stores but can also be an excellent fit for many B2B stores as well.

RightMessage Certified Partner

RightMessage. Picture this: Your customer comes to your website to find a landing page that feels as if it was chosen exactly for them — so they stick around, happy to have found a company like yours that actually gets them.

Here's the secret: That personalized landing page comes to you courtesy of RightMessage, a marketing automation tool that lets you customize your site based on your customers' behavior, purchase history, location, and far more.

How Can We Help You With Marketing Automation?

Does developing and implementing a cohesive marketing automation strategy sound like a lot of work?

It is. But that's why we're here.

Don't pull your employees away from the important work that's already on their desks to throw together ad hoc marketing campaigns or manually handle what could more profitably be automated.

Strategy - At Polished Geek, we walk alongside you to design a cohesive marketing automation plan that delivers the personalization your customers crave. 

Implementation - The implementation of marketing automation and personalization also relies on high quality content — and we can help with that, too.

Measurement - Polished Geek can also maintain your existing digital marketing campaigns. We proactively analyze and monitor marketing performance, uncovering clues and actionable data to improve your marketing even more.

Improvement - Then we continuously refine your automation, tweaking here and there every month to maximize results based on what's being proven in the data to work for your business.

It's all the marketing support you need for your B2B eCommerce business, with none of the headaches.

Ready to put marketing automation to work for your business?

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