Businesses that automate marketing outperform those that don't.

Get off the hamster wheel of manual marketing and tedious back office processes.

The answer isn't hiring more marketing staff to do the same things you do today. Find out how automation can expand your reach with higher returns than your current marketing methods.

There's an awful lot that falls under the umbrella term of digital marketing, AKA online marketing. 

So let's clear the air first about what Polished Geek doesn't do and doesn't believe in first. These are things you might assume when you hear the words digital marketing:

  • We don't manage pay-per-click ad accounts (but we are happy to work alongside your paid advertising agency, to help make your paid advertising more cost-effective)
  • We don't believe that more clicks always = more revenue (you need to care about lead quality, not just quantity)
  • We're not slick salespeople with pumped-up promises to launch brand new startups into billion-gazillion dollar businesses overnight (in fact, we don't work with startups, only established businesses)

So, what do we mean when we call ourselves a digital marketing agency?

We believe the true power to make a significant difference in your business lies squarely in the "geeky" side of marketing: 

Marketing Automation Machine

Marketing Automation

Clients who work with us see real return on investment and business results that last. We do this by:

  • Implementing segmented, targeted and automated drip email marketing.
  • Automating your lead nurturing and lead education processes.
  • Automating your sales funnels, optimizing them for each market segment that matters to your bottom line.
  • Integrating your marketing and CRM systems for a more consistent brand message and higher sale revenue, at a lower cost.
  • Implementing dynamic, automatic website personalization that adapts for each web visitor, transparently.


We're Marketing Automation Geeks and proud of it.


Automate to Elevate Your Marketing

B2B Ecommerce Marketing Automation

B2B sales are set to outpace B2C graph icon

B2B eCommerce sales are expected to surpass B2C eCommerce by 2020. 

Gone are the days where offline sales and manual processes were the only way to sell to companies.

Today, company decision makers and employees who buy from you expect to enjoy the same level of online self-service they do as consumers:

  • Online instant access to product information like detailed specifications, certification documents and sell sheets
  • Manufacturer and distributor book pricing available simply by logging in to their account, not calling a sales rep
  • Digital assets for your products and brand that are always kept up to date, across everything you sell
  • Online ordering and re-ordering

More and more, B2B eCommerce customers demand a personalized, custom experience, tailored to what they care about the most.

Their industry.

Their business requirements.

Their preferences.

What they need to solve their problems, which isn't always what you most want to sell to them.

Leading companies are investing in B2B platforms now that use data strategically to provide that personalized experience. Companies that don't will find themselves at a big disadvantage in just a few years.

Learn how we can help automate your B2B eCommerce.

Website Personalization

Website Personalization icon

Imagine a prospective customer comes into your brick and mortar store.


Would you simply gesture vaguely in the general direction of your merchandise, letting them figure it out for themselves?

Or would you ask them a few questions to find out what they need and listen to them. Then using what you know, help guide them to the right products and services?

Then why wouldn't you want to provide that same high-quality customer experience on your website?


Website personalization takes your static website and turns it into a well-trained salesperson. One that listens to each and every customer.

One that pays attention to what each lead is interested in (and what they're not).

One that adapts the online messaging, text, images and links to highlight how your products and services best fit each customer.

Help your customers find what they're looking for. We can use data from a multitude of sources, including your email marketing and CRM systems, to create a dynamic, automatically adapting online sales machine on your website.

Learn more about our website personalization services.

Marketing overwhelm got you down?

The world of marketing gets more confusing every year. 

You don't need to go it alone. Contact us and let's chat about how a fresh look at your marketing can make a difference in your business.

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