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Your Shopify e-commerce store is probably working just fine for you. Maybe you've even added some apps to increase your sales.

But do you know if they're working at their very best?

Are you actually increasing your bottom line?

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform, used by millions worldwide. But it's not the easiest to customize. And if you want an eCommerce store that doesn't look and behave just like everyone else's (yawn...), then you need options. You need the marketing automation power that Polished Geek can provide.


Do you seem to have all the right tools & apps, but still can't quite create the masterpiece you envision in Shopify?

When it comes to developing a Shopify site that does exactly what you need it to do seamlessly, all those apps and SaaS tools aren't enough. Like the paints, brushes and palettes that an artist needs to create something beautiful, apps don't automatically give you the marketing artist's touch.

Apps are great if you have a eCommerce marketing artist on your staff to work with them — but if you don't (or if you need them at work on other projects), all those tools just sit there, not being used to their fullest advantage.

It's like a bunch of crayons in a box, waiting for someone to turn them into what they could be.

  • Apps can't help you make the vital decisions that determine the future of your company's eCommerce presence
  • Apps can't help you create compelling content that persuades your customers to click through to your site
  • Apps can quantify data about your customers, but they can't make the tough decisions about how to segment them, or prioritize your marketing.

You need humans for that.

That's why we're here. All those Shopify apps are the creative paints and brushes that our eCommerce artists can pick up and wield to take your Shopify store to new heights. We combine the power of Shopify and our marketing know-how into a cohesive marketing strategy, so that you're not just trying random things to see if they work.

After all - if all you do is install a few apps, your competitors can do that just as easily. What you need for success is a human touch to your marketing strategy to pull ahead of your competition.



Apps Aren't Enough — Let's Talk Marketing Strategy

So maybe you have the tools — but you simply won't reach your true eCommerce potential without a cohesive marketing strategy.

That's where we come in.

At Polished Geek, we work as your web partner to create a custom marketing strategy that's tailored to your needs, your location, your customers, and of course your unique products and services.

Our marketing agency experts can take all those lovely app tools and use them to create a work of marketing art.

And our marketing art isn't just something pretty to look at. We'll help you bring in more money, more customers, more fans of your brand.

With less effort and less cost over time.

Wherever you are in your eCommerce journey, we can help:

  • Migrate to Shopify or improve an existing store
  • Launch a new product
  • Expand into a new market or geographic region
  • Take the competition head on
  • Turn wishful thinking for more revenue into actionable goals, with quantifiable measurements
  • Help you assess whether you're hitting your targets, and put reports in place so you can get more bang for your marketing budget
  • Identify your ideal and most profitable target market (it may not be who your think!)
  • Refine your sales funnel and improve your sales conversions
  • And more...

The Power of Marketing Automation + Shopify

At Polished Geek, we rely on skillful use of some of the best marketing tools out there. All of them integrate beautifully with the Shopify platform. By implementing marketing automation effectively, we can help you attract customers, build customer engagement and loyalty, and increase your sales conversions.

Among our tools of choice when working with Shopify are:

Drip Certified Consultant - Polished Geek

Drip by Leadpages. Drip is smart marketing software that tracks both conversions and products purchased to give you the data you need to plan future marketing.

You can also rank and value your individual customers so your efforts are targeted where they'll be most profitable.

RightMessage Certified Partner

RightMessage. Your competitors are providing personalized websites that present carefully chosen landing pages to each customer — shouldn't you be doing the same in Shopify?

RightMessage allows simple, yet powerful, personalization of your site content and images, automatically, based on customer location, behavior, purchase history, interests and more.


JILT for WooCommerce

JILT for Shopify. JILT puts an end to the frustration of abandoned shopping carts.

You don't have to lose those sales — not when JILT can win those customers back to your site to finish their purchases, automatically.

Is it time to up your Shopify marketing game?

If you're ready to get more sales and better ROI from your existing Shopify store, we're ready to help. 

And if you are unhappy with your current eCommerce shopping cart and curious about migrating to Shopify, we can help you decide if it's right for you..

Contact us to schedule your free Shopify marketing consultation. We'll pair you with one of our Shopify experts. Together we can explore if Polished Geek is a good fit to help you move your Shopify eCommerce business into a more profitable future.

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