CRO AgencyYour CRO consultant should be rich in knowledge and expertise. Take a look at the background your CRO agency should have:

  • The basic foundations of Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Copywriting skills designed to lead to conversion
  • An in-depth understanding of digital analytics
  • Ability to develop user personas and market segmentation strategy
  • Knowledge of online psychology and persuasive design
  • Experience in qualitative research and heuristic analysis
  • Knowledge of heatmap tracking, scroll tracking and similar tactics
  • Wide experience in user testing and survey design
  • Experience conducting Google Analytics & CRO audits
  • Experience prioritizing, conducting and analyzing tests of all sorts
  • Understanding of landing page optimization and customer value optimization
  • Knowledge of the practical differences between B2B CRO and B2C
  • Ability to pair optimization strategies with the desired customer journey
  • Experience designing and scaling optimization programs
  • People skills, understanding and empathy

Does that idea of finding one person with all those skills seem overwhelming?

That's where a CRO agency comes in.

When you add an agency like Polished Geek as part of your team, you get the full breadth of creative, technical and analytical skills needed for great results.

CXL Certified Optimizer - ConversionXL CRO Certified

CXL Digital Analytics Certified Expert - ConversionXL

Choose a Conversion Rate Optimization agency with a proven, data-driven CRO process

You need a CRO agency that relies on thorough research and analysis of your unique business, customers, and website. Not guesswork and vanity metrics.

Working hand-in-hand with you, Polished Geek will develop a conversion strategy designed specifically for your business. Then we'll test, retest, measure, and implement the changes you need to improve sales conversions.

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