Conversion Rate Optimization services, or CRO, is a rigorous process that uses data to get the most out of your e-commerce website.

When you adopt a smart CRO strategy, you optimize the visual elements and content on your website in a way that converts more customers. CRO helps you understand what elements of your website are working properly to convert, and which areas need improvement.

CRO closes the gap between your expectations for your website and its real results by increasing your conversion rates and pulling more profit out of your online store. However, CRO looks a little different when you're a B2B company compared to the process for B2C businesses. 

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B2B Conversion Rate Optimization is Different

CRO isn't the same as SEO, which is all about improving search rankings. As a B2B company, your profitability may not live or die by Google as much as a B2C business. Rankings may hold less meaning for you, or be skewed completely toward longtail SEO. You don't just need more traffic. You need optimization that adds actual value to your website, improving its value as a sales tool.

Lead generation is different as well compared to B2C sales. For example, it might be a realistic choice for you to optimize for the quality of leads, rather than the quantity, as one commonly does in B2C eCommerce. However, when you make this choice, every single lead matters more — much more. That means optimizing your site for maximum conversion is even more crucial.

Because sales are more complex in the B2B world, the CRO process also becomes longer and more complicated.

  • Virtually no conversions happen on a customer's first visit to your website
  • More people are typically involved in the purchase decision
  • The eCommerce sales process may also involve several offline touch points (for example, phone calls, meetings and demos)
  • Products, services and equipment being purchased are more expensive
  • The evaluation stage of the sales funnel may take much longer and requires more demonstrated industry authority
  • Repeat purchases are often critical to business growth, although they may span years in between each sale

All these elements drive up the complexity of conversion rate optimization for B2B businesses.

There's science to the conversion rate optimization process, and it involves far more than the "Make the Buy button bright orange and 25 percent bigger" kind of advice that's rampant in the B2C world. That's why B2B eCommerce stores require CRO experts who are highly experienced with the nuances and longer, more convoluted customer journeys to a closed sale.

How to Know When It's Time to Bring in a CRO Agency

Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Maybe you think your site's fine the way it is... but that nagging thought that maybe you're leaving money on the table won't go away.

You lie awake at night wondering what lever to pull or push to get more sales, and know that there should be a way to figure out the answer. You just don't know how.

Should you talk to a CRO agency?

The answer is yes when you experience any of the following:

  • You're making changes to your site based on anything other than data. Chances are, your hunches are pretty sound. But if you're tinkering with your site based on anything other than data, you'll end up creating the site you want, not the site your customers want. Which only works if you're your own best customer.
  • The changes you're making aren't getting results. Hand in hand with this, you may not have any way to test to see if you're getting the results you want. Even the smallest changes can make a difference in your results — and you want reliable, scientific testing to make sure that difference is going in the right direction.
  • You've never made any changes to your sales funnel. The issue of lack of testing raises its head again here. There's no way to khow much money you're leaving on the table.
  • You're following tips and case studies you've read about online. Those case studies were clearly very successful, or you wouldn't be reading about them. But those companies in the case studies aren't your company. Your company, your website, your sales funnel — those are all unique to you. You need to make changes to your site based on your own data, not on someone else's.
  • You're not sure who your customers really are. If you were asked to describe your target customer in very specific detail right now, could you do it? If the answer is yes — great! You're ready for the next CRO step. But if you aren't sure, CRO analysis can help you understand who your customers are and the best way to reach them.

"Ok, so what's wrong with my website?"

It's tempting to show a CRO agency your website and ask for suggestions on improvement. But if they actually give you suggestions before doing thorough research, you know you're in the wrong place.

No serious agency that specializes in conversion rate optimization will give you a set of blanket suggestions and claim they will definitely improve sales.

Instead, legitimate CRO agencies follow a detailed process that will give you real, actionable answers. At Polished Geek, our CRO analysis process is based on the industry leading ConversionXL research framework.

So ask prospective CRO agencies about their research process for CRO.

Ask what tools they use to conduct and prioritize their findings for A/B Testing. Our success prioritization process is based primarily on the ConversionXL PXL Prioritzation framework.

Ask what kind of training and certification they have — and as CXL certified experts, we recommend you look in particular for ConversionXL training and certification.  Learn more about what skills to look for in a CRO consultant or agency.

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Choose a Conversion Rate Optimization agency with a proven, data-driven CRO process

You need a CRO agency that relies on thorough research and analysis of your unique business, customers, and website. Not guesswork and vanity metrics.

Working hand-in-hand with you, Polished Geek will develop a conversion strategy designed specifically for your business. Then we'll test, retest, measure, and implement the changes you need to improve sales conversions.

Contact us today for a free consultation with a ConversionXL (CXL) Certified Optimization expert.

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