Frustrated trying to optimize your B2B eCommerce conversion rate?

You face long sales cycles, higher order value products & services, and longer time periods between repeat sales.

All of them demand a very different CRO approach than traditional eCommerce.

Ecommerce services

For almost a decade, Polished Geek has specialized in helping eCommerce businesses increase revenue, reduce back office operational costs and improve customer retention.

We provide a wide range of eCommerce services, including web development, feature customization, marketing, ongoing support and conversion rate optimization.

This page describes some of our most popular eCommerce services.

B2B eCommerce CRO Services

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We offer Conversion Rate Optimization services carefully crafted for the challenges of B2B eCommerce:

  • You have lower, more specialized website traffic and higher order values
  • You need a more refined approach for helping leads through the evaluation phase of the sales funnel
  • Leads come not only from search engines and SEO, but from trusted referrals, trade shows, webinars, conference presentations, onsite demos and rental programs
  • Your leads know exactly what they want, and why - and have little patience for being bombarded with irrelevant products and services
  • It can be nigh impossible to ever truly determine the conversion source to credit when you close a sale (Was it the demo? The sales call? The remarketing ad?)

All of these things are common in the world of B2B eCommerce, requiring very different marketing approaches than traditional B2C stores.


And if you are a hybrid business, that sells both B2B and B2C?

Well, that requires even more marketing finesse. Because consumers don't want to be talked to on your website the same way you'd sell to businesses. And vice versa, naturally.

Our experienced and certified CRO team can help you overcome these challenges.

Find out more about our Conversion Rate Optimization services for B2B eCommerce.

Product Information Management (PIM) for eCommerce

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Manufacturers, distributors and other B2B businesses often have complex product catalogs that require more than just an eCommerce solution.

That's why we offer custom eCommerce solutions based on a Product Information Management (PIM) system (also known as a Product Data Management system, or PDM).

Your PIM core system can be built to any specification you require, and integrated into your ERP, CRM, CMS, and eCommerce applications. When you work with Polished Geek, your PIM is tailor-made for your exact needs with an extremely flexible structure that supports complete customization.

Product Information Management can standardize virtually everything that flows through the various product systems in your modern business.

Not only can you use it to manage your product information in an intuitive and centralized way, but because a PIM is built as a central "single source of truth" for your product information, you can optimize every single piece of information that flows through your organization related to your product lines.

Not just product pages on your eCommerce store, but any type of content you wish, including corporate content, internal materials, sales collateral and digital assets like downloadable online PDF catalogs. 

Learn more about how a PIM system could help improve your eCommerce business.

Joomla eCommerce Expert Services

Royalty Website Care Plans

Royalty Care for Joomla support & maintenance


Hiring a web developer in-house isn't just expensive.

It's also quite a long search to find someone with just the right mix of skills and experience.


PHP, MySQL, hosting management, CSS, HTML, web security, JavaScript, PCI compliance, extension updates...

It's simply not enough to know how to update content to properly manage your Joomla site.

Finding that rare unicorn of an employee who has all of these skills is a hunt for the ages. That's why Polished Geek offers full-featured Joomla Royalty website care plans for website maintenance and support. 

We provide you a full team of Joomla experts to support your business, for less than you'd pay for just one of those unicorn employees.

Learn more about our Royalty Website Care Plans.

Joomla eCommerce Experts

Authorized HikaShop Development Partner

When it comes to Joomla eCommerce, HikaShop is our proven favorite for stores requiring custom features and integration. 

Using HikaShop as the core, Polished Geek has built everything from e-charity donation systems to full order management systems that handle the entire backoffice production process.

We've integrated HikaShop with everything from ERP systems and CRMs, to Salesforce and more. 

Find out more about our Joomla eCommerce web development & marketing services.  

Ecommerce Services for the World's Favorite Shopping Carts

WooCommerce Marketing Services

WooCommerce Development & Marketing Services

As of 2018, WooCommerce has now charged ahead and become one of the world's leading eCommerce platforms.

It powers 28% of all online shopping sites on the web. Over 2 million stores are using WooCommerce to sell online as of Q1, 2018.

That's a serious amount of competition.

Competitors who all have access to the same Woo plugins and addons as you to manage their stores and market their products.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

By partnering with a certified eCommerce marketing agency. We'll help take your WooCommerce store further, with marketing automation and dynamic website personalization.

Learn how Polished Geek can help improve your WooCommerce customer experience and drive higher revenue.

Shopify Web Development & Marketing

Shopify marketing agency

When you're ready to move beyond using marketing bots with limited features (ahem, we're looking at you, Shopify "Kit"), you need to involve real, live humans.

When you hire a digital marketing agency to work with your Shopify store, you'll finally get the vital spark missing from all generic Shopify marketing toolkits and apps.

True customer insight.

Join with the power of a certified eCommerce marketing team and let's begin improving your sales and marketing together.

Find out more about our Shopify eCommerce development and marketing services.

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