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Google Analytics and Tag Manager Audit Services

  • You aren't confident that what Google Analytics is showing you is true for traffic, metrics, leads or conversions...
  • You find yourself wasting a lot of time trying to make sense of your website analytics...
  • You aren't really sure what your micro and macro conversion rates are...
  • You often find contradictory information in GA that makes you throw up your hands in confusion...
  • You are only using a fraction of the data in your GA account because you aren't sure what's genuinely trustworthy...
  • You can’t measure or improve the customer journey because necessary data is missing or just plain wrong...
  • You suspect you're losing business opportunities because of bad marketing insights and misleading data...
  • You want (need!) to make important business and marketing decisions based on objective website tracking data... but you're not sure if you can trust it.

Fact: You can't make good business decisions with bad data.

With our Google Analytics Audit service, you can finally have full confidence in your web analytics.

We scour every corner of your GA account to find and fix configuration problems, to reveal accurate data that you can finally rely upon to make better business decisions.

Don't let poor web analytics hold your business back any longer.


Get to the truth about your web analytics. Get a personalized Google Analytics Audit.

Done by certified digital analytics experts who take the time to do it right.

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How It Works

Our Google Analytics Audit service consists of three simple steps.

Step 1: Goal Setting Call (Google Analytics Audit Service)

1. Goal Setting Call

We begin by learning about your business, your specific goals and any current web analytics challenges.

No two businesses are alike. That's why we want to first understand your business needs before we begin analyzing your GA account.

Step 2: Expert Audit (Google Analytics Audit Service)

2. Expert Audit

Our expert Digital Analyst and Conversion Optimization consultants will perform an extensive audit of your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and website tracking setup. Learn more.

Step 3: Audit Report & Action Plan (Google Analytics Audit Service)

3. Audit Report & Action Plan

Once the audit is complete, you'll have a 60 - 90 minute consultation call where our team will walk through your entire audit report in detail.

You'll understand everything we found and fixed, plus receive a clear action plan to take forward and further improve your web analytics. Learn more.

All the Details of How it Works

For those curious to know more...

1. Goal Setting Call

Step 1: Goal Setting Call (Google Analytics Audit Service)

Your Google Analytics Audit service begins with an online meeting to mutually establish audit goals and get to know your business.

Leading this call will be your dedicated Conversion Rate Optimization consultant and the certified Digital Analyst assigned to perform your audit.

We'll explore your current challenges and frustrations with Google Analytics (and Google Tag Manager, if you're using it).

Then we'll review your website, lead generation process and sales cycle in detail together. This kickoff meeting ensures our team has a clear focus on your unique business goals and needs, before we roll up our sleeves and dig into your GA account.

2. Expert Audit

Step 2: Expert Audit (Google Analytics Audit Service)

Our intensive, 215+ point Google Analytics audit is a deep investigation into your entire GA account, carefully tailored to your business.

At a high level, we examine your use of Google Analytics for:

  • Data integrity — Is the data you currently have in place accurate and complete? (Remember, having bad data is worse than having no data at all!)
  • Data depth — Is your analytics tracking detailed and granular enough to provide true business insights?
  • Data strategy — Are you tracking all of the metrics most useful and appropriate for growing your business?

Your Digital Analyst will analyze each of these areas in detail:

  • Google Property: We check that your GA tracking code is gathering data from every single page of your website and that your Google Analytics property is connected to all relevant Google products like Google Search Console, Attribution, Google Ad accounts, etc. Fundamental items that are incorrect in up to 85% of accounts such as cross-domain tracking, site search tracking, referral exclusions, session timeout settings and more are verified as well.
  • Tag Manager: If you're using Google Tag Manager (GTM), we include a thorough review of all triggers, variables and tags setup in your Google Tag Manager implementation. If you're not using Tag Manager yet, we'll provide some helpful guidance on why you should consider migrating your web tracking to use GTM and how to make the switch.
  • GA Views: We examine if best practices are in use for all of your Google Analytics views. This includes the configuration of search settings, filters, URL parameters, hostnames, bot exclusions, establishing a backup safe data view, and many more aspects. In addition, we consider if the number and types of GA Views you have in place are sufficient for your measurement goals.
  • GA Sections: Each area of your Google Analytics account is analyzed in depth for proper settings and usage. This includes Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion sections.
  • Google Custom Events: We export all custom Google Event history for the last 6 months to perform an external GA Event naming convention review and analysis. Your Digital Analyst checks to make sure that your GA account includes both micro and macro conversion event tracking. We investigate if your current naming standards provide the ability to track detailed events, as well as easily visualize important trends and high value KPIs with event summaries.
  • Channel Groupings: Ineffective use of GA Channel Groupings is a common problem we find during most Google Analytics audits. We'll determine if your Google Analytics Channel Groupings are configured in a way that provides the most valuable business insights. This includes your ability in GA to track and analyze the value of inbound paid, social, affiliate, email, and other site traffic.
  • UTM Smart Links: Consistent usage of UTM parameters for all external marketing links is another common oversight that hurts your GA account. That's because UTM values populate the source/medium reports and other critical Acquisition data in Google Analytics. They're crucial to tracking the success of your marketing campaigns in GA and avoiding wasting marketing dollars on the wrong channels. During the audit, we'll determine if an improved UTM strategy will provide more actionable metrics for measuring your marketing channel and campaign performance.
  • Website Tracking: We check to see if important website elements are being tracked whenever site visitors use them. For example, Call-to-Action buttons (CTAs), videos, form submissions for your newsletter and contact forms, telephone number clicks and more should all be tracked and show up in Google Analytics as custom events. While there are some fundamental user actions we believe everyone should track on a website, the details of exactly what should be tracked for your website and your business is most critical here. Our team will examine your existing website tracking with those business needs in mind, then provide detailed recommendations of how your website tracking could be improved to get more actionable tracking data in GA.
  • eCommerce: If your site includes eCommerce, we'll thoroughly analyze and test the accuracy of your Enhanced Ecommerce tracking setup in GA, including product revenue tracking, most popular sales categories, cart transaction details and more.
  • Goals & Funnels: Every website should track conversion goals and the customer journey. We'll analyze your Google Analytics Goals and find out how well they tie into your micro and macro conversion tracking. lead generation and lead nurturing funnels.
  • Custom GA Analysis: Based on your business needs, and the specific marketing technology you use, your dedicated Conversion Optimization consultant and Digital Analyst will perform additional custom reviews of your web analytics, integration with other marketing systems, reporting dashboards, etc. This final part of the audit process is tailored for each client and will vary depending on the previous findings and what challenges you shared during your kickoff call. Ultimately, our goal is to find every hidden opportunity for improvement of your web analytics.

3. Detailed Audit Report & Action Plan

Step 3: Audit Report & Action Plan (Google Analytics Audit Service)

Once our team completes your Google Analytics audit, you'll receive a private 60 - 90 minute live Zoom meeting with your dedicated Conversion Optimization consultant and the Digital Analyst who performed your audit.

Together we'll walk through your audit results step by step. We'll explain all of our findings and recommendations, and answer any questions you may have about your audit report.

The written audit report you receive during the meeting will have four parts:

  1. A summary spreadsheet that provides a nicely organized overview of your high level audit results
  2. Detailed documentation of what was changed in your account (and why we changed it)
  3. Your custom Action Plan explaining what additional changes we recommend making to further improve the business value of your Google Analytics
  4. A personalized web analytics strategy guide. In it, you'll get expert recommendations for improving your custom Google Events tracking and UTM naming convention strategies, tailored to your unique business needs.


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Answers to the most frequently asked questions. [FAQ]

Will I get to ask questions about my audit results?

How long does it take to complete my audit?

How much does the Google Analytics Audit service cost?

Can't I just use an automated tool to audit my Google Analytics account?

Google Analytics & Tag Manager Implementation Services

You won't have to go it alone after your audit is complete (unless you want to).


Google Analytics & Tag Manager Implementation Service

If you'd like help implementing some or all of the changes we recommend in your final audit report, Polished Geek offers optional GA and GTM implementation services as well.

Our CXL-certified Digital Analysts can assist you with:

  • Fixing GA or Google Tag Manager code website installation issues or conflicts
  • Developing custom GTM scripts to capture additional data on your website and send it automatically to GA
  • Setting up custom Google Event tracking
  • Developing custom Google Analytics reports, segments, filters, metrics, and dimensions
  • Creating additional custom GA Views
  • Setting up cross-domain tracking in GTM
  • Helping to reduce or remove spammy referral traffic
  • Configuring Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager, if you aren't using them yet
  • Integrating Google Analytics with third-party tools
  • Training your team on how to use recommended UTM naming conventions and manage them as your business evolves
  • Mentoring your team on the use of best practices for tracking marketing campaigns and Google Custom Event tracking
  • Anything else you might need help implementing on your website or in GA


You can't grow your business in the right direction with misleading or just plain wrong information in Google Analytics.

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