A compelling, one-to-one experience with each of your customers.

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A personalization solution that implements smoothly.

Empowerment for your website and your customer service reps.

Finally, an end to one-size-fits-all eCommerce marketing.

That's the story behind the partnership of Polished Geek and Evergage, the most powerful personalization eCommerce platform on the market.

Take a look at how our partnership with Evergage can make a difference to your brand's eCommerce success.


One-to-One Personalization — Why It Matters

As your customers get more and more accustomed to seeing web pages geared especially to their wants and needs (the Amazon Effect), the generic customer experience of the past feels increasingly outdated.

If, instead, your customer sees personalized content when they come to your website, they stay with you, longer.

When they see offers that speak directly to their needs, they become buyers instead of just browsers.

They click forward, deeper into your site, instead of clicking that back button and leaving.

Dozens of applications call themselves as the next big personalization solution.

But when you are serious about moving ahead of the competition, when you are ready to do what it takes to rise above the rest, you need to go with an industry leader, You need a personalization engine that provides options to set your brand apart.

That solution is Evergage.


Taking Personalization to a New Level, With Evergage

What can the combination of Evergage and Polished Geek do for you?

Deliver 1:1 Personalized Customer Experiences

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At Evergage, they call it a marketing platform with The Power of 1.

Target your customers while they're interacting with your site, based on their engagement with specific products or pages.

You can change content and deploy messages easily and seamlessly.

Filters and product boosters mean your visitors see what you want them to see — and nothing else to distract them along the way.

The predictive algorithms of Evergage's AI shift as customer behavior changes, providing just the right recommendations to each and every visitor.

And how long does it take for your website to do all this? Less than 20 milliseconds.


Track User Behavior

Website Personalization - Track User Behavior

Tracking your visitors' behavior while on your site is key to providing them with a relevant and enjoyable experience.

You're probably tracking clicks already and doing analysis after the fact in Google Analytics, but that's not enough.

You need real time data as your customer moves around your site. Tracking the time they spend on each page, how they scroll, when they are inactive and when they stop scrolling to view your products with more interest.

You need all of this in real time in order to understand each visitor's intent and let your website respond to better meet their needs.

Evergage uses all this data to dig deep into your site, returning information on which products are garnering the most interest.

On a visitor-by-visitor basis, you can learn individual visitors' preferences as to styles, brands and price points — the better to provide that 1:1 eCommerce personalization.

Whatever actions you want to track, whether watching videos or filling out a form, you'll get all the data you need in Evergage to improve your site, and your sales.


Segment Your Audience in Real Time

Real Time Customer Segementation icon

No matter how you want to segment your visitors, we can help you make it happen with Evergage.

Want to target potential customers who live within 10 miles of a major city and who visit your site monthly? No problem.

Need to identify the customers who bought from you two Christmases ago and just returned to your site to browse? You got it.

There's no limit to the parameters you can choose for segmenting. Evergage starts to place new visitors into your existing segments from the moment they access your site.


Create and Run Tests to Maximize Effectiveness

A B testing icon

You're already running A/B tests on your marketing content to see which choices are most effective — but what if you could run tests far deeper?

Do you want the right call-to-action for that customer who lives 10 miles from a city and visits your site every month? 

Evergage can do that.

Testing capabilities let you compare unlimited options on your site, your mobile app, your marketing emails, with multivariate testing available so you can test the effects of multiple changes at the same time.

Even better, you can monitor and validate your test results in real time, making it easy to stay relevant and maximize your personalization ROI.


Provide Data and Analytics

Analytics research icon

It's not enough just to collect data.

You need analytics that will give you the actual knowledge you need.

With Evergage, you can choose your analytic goals, and the numbers get crunched. Machine learning and AI determine whether your campaign is having a positive impact, and you can drill all the way down to cookied users to understand exactly what's happening at the deepest level.

What metrics do you want information on?



Cohort analysis?


Add-to-cart events?

You name it, and you get the analysis you need — right away, in real time, not days later when your customer has moved on and it's no longer helpful.

On top of that, you can see the impact on your revenue of every tweak you make.

And yes, Evergage syncs automatically to third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics.

A Winning Team: Evergage, Polished Geek & You

Download the Gartner MQ Personalization Engines Report 2018

We're not the only people who think Evergage is a big deal.

Gartner named Evergage a visionary leader in the website personalization industry, naming Evergage as a Leader in its 2018 Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines report.

At Polished Geek, we're honored to be an approved services partner with Evergage. Together Evergage and Polished Geek are ready to put this robust platform to work for you in creating personalization that goes deeper than you ever thought possible.


Our team works hand-in-hand with Evergage experts to deliver industry-leading personalization services for your business:

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  • Personalization Strategy: We'll help you uncover the best opportunities for dynamic website personalization and develop a strategic plan for implementation. If you need help with foundational work like the creation of customer segmentation and personas, we can assist with that too.
  • Evergage Implementation: Uploading of your entire product catalog into Evergage, followed by development of personalization segments, user experiences and marketing campaigns, plus reports so you can immediately begin seeing the impact and ROI of personalization.
  • Ongoing Evergage support: Polished Geek can work with your digital marketing department to ensure you continue to get the most value out of your website personalization efforts. We analyze the performance of your Evergage campaigns, identify areas for improvement and refinement, and help you expand the power of personalization into other areas of your marketing.

With our eCommerce marketing specialists teamed up with the best enterprise-level, real-time 1:1 personalization platform on the market, we'll help your business create a personalized eCommerce experience second to none.

Interested in learning more about Evergage?

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