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We'll help you find the way to the right Joomla eCommerce cart for you.Have an existing eCommerce site badly in need of an upgrade, but keep putting it off because you don't know how to best move forward? 

Polished Geek can help guide the way!

We help you navigate the confusing and challenging world of Joomla!® eCommerce options and extensions. We can provide consultative services to carefully analyze the customizations you have in place today, plus any external system integration, and provide a detailed recommendation and quote of what we recommend for your next eCommerce platform.


Why purchase an eCommerce Upgrade Analysis service?

Just upgrading to the next version of the same cart isn't always the right answer. Your business has changed over the years since you first built your site, and so has the world of Joomla eCommerce. Different carts are available now that have new features, advantages and disadvantages.

The goal of our eCommerce Requirements Analysis service is to give you the best objective information and guidance possible for your eCommerce store, so you can make a well informed business decision about upgrading your site.


What happens during the service?

Together we'll look closely into whether the shopping cart you are using today in your Joomla site is still the right choice for your business, or if another eCommerce solution might be a better fit for your specific needs and future growth. Each custom feature in your site will be analyzed and we'll guide you through exploring your current and future business needs. Then we determine how to best meet the full range of functions required with minimal customizations and ease of maintainability in Joomla 3.x.


What do I get when the eCommerce Upgrade Analysis is complete?

What you receive at the conclusion of the service engagement is a written document that details our recommendations and the action plan for upgrade. An estimate for completing the upgrade and data migration from your existing site will also be included for your review.


How much does it cost?

This packaged service starts at $1750 USD, depending on the complexity of your site and number of customizations you have. This cost is a fraction of the potential cost of the potential lost time and money if you go forward with the wrong eCommerce solution for your business, only to have to scrap the project and start over if you realize you've made a mistake. You'll save time, money and lost revenue opportunity by having a solid eCommerce upgrade plan first.

When you choose our eCommerce Requirements Analysis, you'll get a clear plan and be confident that the solution will meet your needs (and your budget) before you start your upgrade project. The majority of the work done during the analysis is directly applicable to the following upgrade project, so that completed work is factored into the price quoted for your site upgrade.


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