Drip ECRM Marketing platform

Marketing automation and personalization sound like words that should never be used together.

If something is automated, can it truly feel personal?

Yes. Yes, it can. Thanks to Drip marketing automation.

Take a look at what Drip is and how it can take your marketing and customer engagement to a whole new level.

Drip is a remarkable marketing automation software package that lets your communications with your eCommerce customers feel completely personal even though, yes, it's automated.

With Drip, your customers don't feel like they're being stalked. They don't feel like just another number.

They feel valued. Understood. Confident they are in the right place.

Drip is designed specifically for eCommerce. When you use Drip strategically and smartly, you'll see increased ROI from your marketing campaigns and put your company on the path toward sustained growth.

Drip is designed to help you build relationships with your customers. Real relationships. The kind that customers value, that make them come back for repeat business.

By being hyper-focused at the customer level, and by connecting your order management and marketing systems, Drip smooths the experience of eCommerce to let your customers feel appreciated and (finally!) understood.

As Drip-certified consultants, we're ready to make this amazing software sing for you as you reach out to customers on social media, send targeted emails and ads, and analyze your marketing data to hone your strategy.

DRIP Consulting: How We Can Help

Drip Certified Consultant Badge

Both of our principals at Polished Geek, Deb Cinkus and Donald Champion, are Drip-certified consultants. That's because we think it's important both the business and technical leaders of our company know the power of Drip inside and out, in order to deliver to you the best possible solution.

We can help you with any stage of your Drip marketing automation journey:

  • Marketing strategy and campaign planning
  • Social media automation
  • Lead capture
  • Lead nurturing
  • Recapture of abandoned carts
  • Data and list management
  • Migration to Drip from other marketing platforms
  • Drip email marketing campaigns
  • Drip intelligent workflows to automate your marketing efforts

Our entire team has been specializing in eCommerce websites since 2009. We're eager to help you get increased conversions, repeat sales, and boost your customer loyalty with Drip.

Ready to take a step toward growth?

Contact us for a free marketing consultation with one of our Drip Certified Consultants.

We'll chat about your current marketing strategy and explore if Polished Geek might be a good fit to help you lift your marketing strategy to the next level. 

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