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Is a Customer Engagement VIP Day right for you?

This VIP Day is great for you if:

  • You're tired of trying to make sense of the cold numbers of Google Analytics, and just want to know what your customers are REALLY doing on your website.
  • You're struggling to find ways to know which customers are eager to buy or which ones are slipping away.
  • You're serious about your website and your business, and understand that to get results you have to make the right investment.
  • You're ready to change how you interact with your customers, and don't want to wait weeks or months to make it happen. You're ready NOW.
  • You already have an established Joomla 3.x website with one or more of the following:
    • Learning Management System (For example, Joomla LMS);
    • eCommerce store with frequent repeat buyers (for example, HikaShop or HikaMarket);
    • Online news site or online magazine;
    • A social networking site (For example, JomSocial or EasySocial);
    • A Pay per View website;
    • Any other type of Joomla website that offers paid content or services;
    • A membership website (using for example, OS membership or PayPlans); or
    • A Joomla based SaaS - Online application.
  • Or you have any other type of Joomla 3.x website that has logged in users. These customers can be tracked to gain deep insight and knowledge of how to improve your business and services.
  • You want to increase revenue, improve sales conversions or improve your customer retention rates.


Your Customer Engagement VIP Day includes:

On your scheduled VIP Day...

Business Digital Strategy Mini-Workshop1) Business Strategy Mini-Workshop (90 minutes) - Using our proven Digital Strategy system of questionnaires and worksheets, we'll help you gain a new level of understanding and clarity about your business goals, products, services, customers and your competition.

This session is focused on the foundational question of "Why?" - It will give critical context and guidance we'll use together throughout the rest of the VIP Day.

Customer Tracking Strategy - which customer behaviors, events and actions to track2) Customer Engagement Strategy Session (90 minutes) - Review of your business and your existing Joomla 3.x website to identify the 6 - 8 most important actions and events that should be tracked on your website per Customer.

Customer Engagement Roadmap planning session3) Customer Engagement Roadmap (90 minutes) - Discover the fastest ways to improve your customer retention, sales conversions and customer satisfaction. In this session we'll map out a 90 day Customer Engagement Plan that you can implement on your own after the VIP Day.

Customer Engagement Tracking Launch - Joomla extension installed in your website4) Customer Engagement Launch! (90 - 120 minutes) - We'll implement your custom developed Joomla software to begin capturing live customer analytic data, and demonstrate it to you. We'll conduct live online training for your newly implemented premium customer tracking system, so you know how to begin using it immediately, that very same day.


As part of your VIP Day package, you'll also receive:

Business & Digital Strategy WorkbookOur Business & Digital Strategy Workbook complete with all of the questionnaires, worksheets and document templates used during your Customer Engagement VIP Day. The Business & Digital Strategy workbook is yours to keep, filled with step by step worksheets that you can use any time to refocus your business or website strategy, as your business grows and changes.

Joomla Intercom ( Extension - Custom plugin for your user events, behavior and actions to track on your websiteA fully customized and installed Joomla extension on your website integrating with the industry leading customer tracking and analytics services at Intercom. This software will help you track specific customer behavior, events and actions on your site that you identify as most critical to your success during the Customer Engagement Strategy morning sessions.

90 Day Customer Engagement Roadmap PlanA written 90-Day Customer Engagement Roadmap detailing the specific actions that will help you achieve your top 3 customer engagement goals in the following 90 days (Depending on your goals, you may need to sign up for additional paid products from Intercom).

And one week later...

Follow Up Success SessionVIP Day Follow Up Bonus Session (60 minutes) - One week after the conclusion of your Customer Engagement VIP Day, we'll check in to see how things are going with a follow up meeting.  During this meeting we'll go over any questions you have, and ensure you're on track to get maximum value out of your new customer tracking analytics.


The Investment

How much more revenue could you make each month and each year if you more fully understood your customers and how they use your website? How much would it benefit your business to improve customer retention, increase sales and improve customer engagement with your website and services? Our Customer Engagement VIP Day is a highly focused consulting service, dramatically moving your business forward in just one day. You get immediate results, in an intensive format focused entirely on you and your business.

The investment to reserve our entire team of business, eCommerce and technical experts for your personalized Customer Engagement VIP Day is only $3800 USD.


Are you finally ready to understand your customers, increase customer engagement & get more value out of your Joomla website?


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