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One of the best things a client ever said to us was this:

Client testimonial quote - The Sash Company - Angelique B."I love when we get together and brainstorm strategies. Your team is always so full of ideas and insights that I don't see myself because I'm too close to it as a business owner. It feels really good to finally work with someone I know is on my side!

~Angelique Barnum, owner of The Sash Company

That's the kind of close partnership we work hard to have with all our clients.


We offer consulting and training services on any Joomla website topic, with particular focus on:

Improving Customer Engagement

  • First we work with you to identify the customer behaviors, events and actions on your website that are most critical for you to know as a business owner.
  • Then our team builds a customized customer tracking & analytics integration plugin that connects with Intercom ( services to give you real, actionable data, in real time. 
  • This is just one of the benefits of our top-of-the-line Empire Royalty Care Plan service, or you can get this service in a super focused, intensive Customer Engagement VIP Day. Alternatively, this can also be included as part of an overall Digital Business Strategy consulting project.


Marketing Automation for Joomla

  • There are lots of ways to automate your marketing efforts on your Joomla website, and it can be hard to figure out which is best for your business. Wasting weeks or months trying out different tools can cost you lost customers and revenue opportunities.
  • No more shooting in the dark - We'll help you determine the methods that will deliver the best long term value for your business, and then automate those marketing efforts with Mautic open source tools on your Joomla website.


Joomla eCommerce Consulting

  • Not sure which shopping cart is right for you? Whether you are upgrading an existing website, moving to Joomla from another platform or just beginning to get into the world of online eCommerce, our team can help you evaluate your Joomla eCommerce options and provide a plan for a success. Learn more about our eCommerce Analysis consulting services.


Coming soon:

Website Creation VIP Days for entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, micro-businesses and more. Escape from the struggle and confusion about how to best present your new business to having an easy to maintain website, in just one day. Curious about this new service? Contact us to learn more and get on the waiting list.


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