Do I have to transfer my domain(s) to you in order to host with you?

No, although it can certainly be convenient to have your domains and hosting together with one vendor, it is not required. When your site is brought live on our servers we will work with you to either begin a domain transfer or simply point the domain to our DNS servers.

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Do you offer unlimited bandwidth accounts? Views: 752

No. "Unlimited bandwidth" isn't always the best choice for your business either. There is only so much bandwidth coming in and out of each server, and the laws of computer technology still apply. If there are hundreds (or thousands!) of other customers on that same server, everyone on an...

Can we have Telnet access? Views: 945

Telnet is not permitted on any of our servers as it violates PCI Compliance and security standards. We do offer SSH access (Secure Shell Access) by client request only. If you are interested in having this set up, please contact us at info@PolishedGeek.con and our hosting adminitrators will...

Where is your data center? Views: 765

Our primary data center is a Coresite facility located in Chicago: CoreSite427 S. LaSalle Chicago, IL 60605   You can read more about it here:

Do we need to do our own backups? Views: 616

For our hosting clients, we perform full server/full account backups for disaster recovery purposes. We also maintain a redundant server so in the case that a disaster or major hacking attack hits our primary data center, we have another server on standby that can be brought live within a few...

Do you offer unlimited storage accounts? Views: 677

No. "Unlimited storage"usually comes with strict usage requirements about what can and can't be stored on your account. Be sure to read the TOS carefully from any other hosting provider to verify that you will be able to store important secondary information, such as backup files. Many hosting...
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