Do we need to do our own backups?

For our hosting clients, we perform full server/full account backups for disaster recovery purposes. We also maintain a redundant server so in the case that a disaster or major hacking attack hits our primary data center, we have another server on standby that can be brought live within a few hours, with little to no data loss for clients.  These backups are made for the purposes of full reload and recovery only – in other words, we can’t pull up for you a backup of “how the site was on Tuesday at 2 PM”. We would be able to do a full restore of your entire account as of a certain date, but client-by-client restores are not a free service. You should utilize this backup only in the case of emergency (for example, if your site is compromised/hacked and you need to ensure you get restored to a point prior to the attack).


So with our hosting backups covering you for disaster recovery, that leaves the need for administrative backups for the site itself. You will want to use the installed Akeeba software we provide to our web design clients for this purpose. Akeeba allows you to do a fully-installable backup of your entire Joomla site at any point in time you choose. For instance, before making major changes to the site or installing new software, you may want to create a backup for that point in time in case you ever wish to “roll back” the changes for any reason. We also consider it good practice to make a backup after doing a lot of site work, to ensure it is captured as a point in time backup as well. Basically the Akeeba backup utility gives you, the site administrator, the ability to have peace of mind and control over your backup timing that coincides with meaningful administrative changes you make to your website. Some clients also choose to download one of their Akeeba backup files on a periodic basis to another offline area, or perhaps even their desktop, as an additional measure.


Please note that if you are not a Polished Geek web design client using Joomla, the Akeeba software portion of this article may not apply to you. Please contact your web designer for information and instructions on how to make point-in-time backups for your site.

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