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Becoming a Client

What can I expect when I become a Polished Geek client?

To start with, Polished Geek is probably more consultative than you may have encountered with other Joomla!® web development companies. We ask a lot of questions, and always seek to know the underlying business goals and objectives of your project.


When you become a client of Polished Geek, we care about not only what you need done today, but also what you plan for tomorrow, and why. Understanding this helps us deliver maximum value for your web development investment.

You will find that we are thorough in our approach, excellent at coming up with new and creative technical solutions, business savvy, detailed, organized and professional.

We're candid and easy to talk to, and never try to hard sell you. You'll find that Polished Geek will always provide alternatives and recommendations, respecting the fact that no matter how much Joomla and web industry experience and expertise we may have, you know your business and customers better than we ever will.

We most enjoy working with clients who are likewise upfront and candid in their dealings with us, and willing to collaborate to assure the success of the project.


What kinds of clients do you accept?

The majority of our clients are fellow Joomla web developers, web designers and freelancers. Usually we are hired to handle one specific part of an overall Joomla web design project, build a custom extension, or provide technical support and services that allow a web designer or freelancer to pursue larger projects than they could do on their own. We always respect that your client is your client, and can work with you on a white label basis if needed.

Polished Geek also accepts direct clients who seek a professional Joomla web development company to assist them in maintaining, upgrading, securing or extending their existing Joomla website.


Ready to find out how Polished Geek can help you do more with Joomla?

Our clients include great companies like:


Ok, I'm ready to hire the experts! When can you start?

If your request is highly urgent - your site has been hacked, your site is suddenly down or your checkout is broken for unknown reasons, for example - we will do our best to help you as quickly as possible. Hacked site recovery projects can often be done same day or within 24 - 36 hours, depending on the size of the site and the exact nature of the problem. You should open a ticket first with all the details, then follow up with a phone call for the quickest response (919-275-0676).

Please note that we are located in the Eastern USA time zone, and are closed on weekends, evenings and all USA holidays. Weekend and evening emergency work is available at overtime surcharge rates (subject to staff availability). Please see our Pricing page.

Small to medium projects that are not urgent are worked into the ongoing project schedule and usually can begin within 4 - 7 days, depending on current workload. Maintenance and support clients who have prepaid Technical Support hours available on their account at the time of request are given priority.

Larger, more complex projects usually have a 2 - 3 week waitlist to kickoff during most of the year. Projects are put on the waitlist and scheduled on a first come, first served basis, once a retainer deposit has been received.

What kind of work don't you do?

Like a lot of developers, here at Polished Geek we're much better at making things useful and functional than making them "pretty."

So we don't do general Joomla web design projects or brand new sites from scratch.

We also do not offer marketing or social media services, logos or other brand identity services, or provide general SEO services.


Never fear, you can still hire us for your Joomla project! We have great partner companies we work with on larger projects to provide any these services, including design services, print and graphics, when needed.

We also are very involved in the Joomla Community and will be happy to provide a referral to a reputable company for design, marketing or SEO.