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API Integration Services

Do you need to integrate your Joomla!® or WordPress website with an external application or system?

Is there valuable information you would like to bring into your website from an external source? Or perhaps you'd like to send information to other systems outside of Joomla or WordPress?

Whether you want to streamline business processes, reduce manual data entry and the errors that go with them, or eliminate costly commercial service applications, Polished Geek can help. Integrating Joomla, WordPress or other PHP-based website platforms via APIs is one of our specialties.

Our developers have done dozens of powerful API integrations over the last several years. Our experienced solution architects will design a technical solution that fits your technical and business requirements. From small cron jobs to complex custom integration components, our team can help you solve the toughest integration challenges.

Here are some of the amazing integrations Polished Geek has delivered for clients just like you:

  • Joomla eCommerce product listing and inventory synchronization with external ERP systems, Product Information Management (PIM) systems and other marketplaces
  • SalesForce CRM integration with various Joomla forms components and modules for more seamless sales & marketing operations
  • Hubspot blog integration (custom Joomla modules)
  • Cyber Recruiter integration (custom Joomla job board component)
  • vTiger CRM integration (customized Joomla module)
  • Facebook Custom Audience integration for HikaShop
  • Custom form conversion UTM handling for integration with Pardot
  • integration (Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing)
  • integration (Joomla module)

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