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Technology on the internet changes fast, and seems to speed up every year. Polished Geek has been providing Joomla!® web development services since February 2009, and the Joomla world sure has changed since then!

One of the best ways to stay up to date and ahead of the curve with all things Joomla is to be an active member of the Joomla Community. Here's what's coming up next for us...


Presenter at Joomla World Conference 2014

When: November 7 - 9 2014

Where: Grand Oasis, Cancun, Mexico

How the Geeks are involved: Our entire core team is attending, and two of our team are presenting this year


Joomla World Conference 2014 - Polished Geek presenting two sessions

Presenters at JWC 2014


Polished Geek presented two sessions at the 3rd annual

Joomla World Conference 2014

Grand Oasis Resort, Cancun, Mexico
November 7 -9, 2014

Polished Geek sessions at JWC:

Git Hooked! by Milton Bryant

Project Planning & Estimation with User Stories by Deb Cinkus

JWC13 Sponsors

Polished Geek financially promotes select Joomla events each year. In 2013 we sponsored the Joomla World Conference, helping celebrate the arrival of Joomla 3.2 and two-factor authentication for Joomla with a YubiKey giveaway.

If you are like some of us, you really like to meet new people, but hesitate sometimes without something suitably witty to say to open a conversation. (Our Geeks are certainly no extroverts like Brian Teeman!) All of us historically are a bit shy and introverted at a crowded conference like JWC.

So to connect with our fellow introverts, our sponsorship at Joomla World Conference 2013 provided a built-in excuse to walk right up and say hi.

We gave away over a hundred free YubiKeys at JWC 2013 by inviting attendees to find one of our Geeks and snap a picture with us. Once they did, they got a free YubiKey worth $25.

PG key

Why did we pick YubiKeys? Because Joomla 3.2 released in November of that year was the first Joomla CMS version to support two-factor authentication through a couple of different methods, including YubiKey. 

We're still YubiKey fans to this day. If you are not quite sure what YubiKey is or why you might want one, visit

The Obligatory Giveaway Disclaimers:
Supplies are limited! Only 1 YubiKey per person.
We can't promise that we're photogenic or that you will be. Photo bombs encouraged.

JWC13 Presenters

Polished Geek is honored that our CEO Deb Cinkus was selected to present two sessions at the 2013 Joomla World Conference.

Are You Speaking Your Client's Language?   (Friday, November 8th, 2013)

Improve Your Client Relationships with Better Communication Skills! Uncover the inner secrets about how to communicate better with all of your clients and prospects. Each of your clients is subconsciously looking for the right language cues that will reassure them that you understand them, and their needs, better than the competition. Clients are looking for language that demonstrates that you truly understand them€, and that you can be trusted to help them reach their goals. In this presentation, you will learn to quickly recognize each of the five main €œColors of Communication €and recognize if your client responds best to communication that focuses on Speed (Red), Process (Blue), Results (Orange), Collaboration (Green) or Innovation (Yellow).


Buy It Now Blvd - eCommerce RoadkillDon't Become eCommerce Roadkill: How to Survive Your Next eCommerce Project   (Friday, November 8th, 2013)

The road to eCommerce project success is fraught with danger and challenges at every twist and turn. Thoughtful planning for this dangerous journey is key to survival, but how can you possibly plan for the unknown? In this session, Deb will act as your guide, helping you to better understand and effectively plan your next eCommerce project as a website professional. You'll learn about the many danger zones encountered on the eCommerce project path.

We share our knowledge with the Joomla Community & stay involved to keep learning and improving our skills each year.

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